From the editor's cyberdesk: The HiT List is our new Friday feature looking at the week that was in entertainment.

Larry King’s contribution to journalism was raising the softball question to a fine art. We still miss his USA Today columns for those dot-dot-dot musings.

So in his honor …

Sen. Ted Cruz says a new bill championed by Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn) could make political parodies like “Saturday Night Live” illegal. If that means the show’s last two sketches of the night will never air again I’m in favor of it.

… Drone allegedly captures images of “Star Wars” sequel’s set. Not a good sign that Princess Leia’s new gold bikini could be seen from so high up.

… Speaking of “SNL,” the show announced its 40th season begins Sept. 27 with guest host Chris Pratt. “SNL’s” crack writing team already penned jokes avoiding President Obama’s golf game, his lack of strategy to defeat ISIS and his cratering poll numbers. Yup, they’re in mid-season form

… Pratt’s new film, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” proved the summer’s biggest hit. Why? Clearly, the actor’s decision to get buff for the part played a huge role in getting the character just right.

… Famed Bond villain Richard Kiel dies at 74. Somewhere Daniel Craig is raising a drink in his honor (choice of beverage to be determined by product placement deal for next Bond feature).

Lady Gaga says Tony Bennett “saved her life.” Apparently, the ageless crooner isn’t a vegetarian.

Barbra Streisand to grace Jimmy Fallon’s desk Monday on “The Tonight Show” as the solo guest, marking her first appearance in 50 years. She would have been on the show earlier but they constructed the set all wrong. Oh, and the microphone color isn’t right. How did “The Tonight Show” last this long?

… “Thomas the Tank Engine” is now racist. As a dad, can someone please blindly accuse “Caillou” of something similarly awful so I don’t have to watch it anymore with my kids?

… Podcast king Adam Carolla settles lawsuit filed by one of his oldest friends over his podcast’s profits. Note to children: break up with your schoolyard chum now. These things never end well.

… An analyst frets the summer’s tepid box office numbers aren’t a blip but a change in consumer habits. Teen ticket buyers miss headline, too busy on Snapchat talking about the new iPhone.

… Artist allegedly paints over Maria Shriver’s face in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s official governor’s portrait. Same artist now hired to airbrush “The Last Action Hero” from actor’s resume. And “Jingle All the Way” … and “Sabotage” … and “Red Heat.