John Nolte made Breitbart News' Big Hollywood a must read. Now, Nolte is sharing his approach to covering film with the HiT podcast.

John Nolte doesn’t take prisoners with his prose.

The former voice behind Breitbart News’ Big Hollywood is unapologetic, funny and always engaging. He’s also an example of how you don’t need to go to J-school to be an influential writer.

Nolte had a number of jobs, including directing his own feature film, before kicking up a cyber fuss with his conservative take on Hollywood. You may remember him from his Dirty Harry’s Place site. Now, he’s the liveliest new voice at The Daily Wire.

The HiT podcast spoke with Nolte about his work, why he left Breitbart News earlier this year and his stupendous Man Cave.

You can follow John on Twitter @NolteNC

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