Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Is Christian Toto?

He’s a recovering art major who specializes in covering Hollywood from a fair, right of center film critic. He brings 20-plus years of journalism experience to Hollywood in Toto, including work in radio, podcasting and TV commentary.

What Is a Conservative Entertainment Reporter, Anyway?

The vast majority of entertainment journalists, like Hollywood denizens, lean to the left. It’s undeniable. Plus, those leanings directly influence the stories you read, the angles covered and the topics ignored or downplayed. Hollywood in Toto serves as a corrective, understanding that half of America isn’t being fully served by entertainment journalists.

Here’s a prime example of why we need more conservative film critics.

How Does Conservatism Impact HiT’s Film Reviews

It doesn’t, for the most part. HiT reviews films for their entertainment value, first and foremost. This site will mention the political leanings of various movies, but it doesn’t count them against a given production. A good liberal film will get a passing grade here. A clunky conservative movie won’t get saved by its ideological views.

What Else Will You Find at HiT?

The site regularly fact-checks celebrities who share inaccurate information on social media and elsewhere. Why? Most media outlets won’t do it. Also, stars have massive platforms and should be responsible in how they leverage them. HiT also speaks up on behalf of free speech. More voices, not less.

Does HiT Hate Hollywood?

Absolutely not. The site’s editor strongly disagrees with many political stances taken by the industry. It also cheers celebrities on when they do good deeds, from raising money for worthy charities to sticking up for the First Amendment. Still, it’s hard not to be cynical of an industry that insults half the country and refuses to stand up against Big Tech censorship.



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