He might be the best political cartoonist on the scene. Yet Ramirez isn't interested in hitting the same ol' targets.

Michael Ramirez isn’t like his editorial cartoonist peers.

It has nothing to do with his talent or his mantle full of awards, which includes a pair of Pulitzer Prizes.

Ramirez brings a conservative perspective to his panels. So while 98 percent of his colleagues might tee off on Trump he’s taking down other targets.

Socialism. Big government. Nancy Pelosi.

Ramirez currently creates amazing cartoons for both The Weekly Standard and The Daily Signal. He shares his unorthodox entry into the business and his firm cartooning rules on the latest HiT ‘cast.

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You can follow Michael on Twitter @RamirezToons and Facebook. Please check out his two cartoon compiliations:

Michael recommends listeners visit the Claremont Review of Books, Ricochet.com, Powerline Blog and … MSNBC for what he calls “opposition research.”

Photo credit: cdaltonrowe via Foter.com / CC BY