HiT Podcast No. 4: Director John Sullivan

John Sullivan knows something most Hollywood suits don’t.

The music promoter turned filmmaker doesn’t discount “flyover country.” Even better, he understands which subjects everyday Americans will line up to see. That puts him at odds with many industry types who either ignore or downplay Red State passions.

“Hollywood has been tone deaf … for a long time,” Sullivan says.

It’s why his co-directorial effort, “2016: Obama’s America,” proved one of the most profitable political documentaries of all time.

2016 Obama's America - Trailer

The Hollywood in Toto podcast interviewed Sullivan to find out more about his curious career start and why he’d rather not take on any superhero projects for now.

It has nothing to do with an aversion to tights.

Sullivan’s next project, a dramatization of Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s reign of abortion terror, debuts in 2017. He admits to receiving some “push back” on the subject matter but vows its box office fortunes will surprise the industry (again).

Listen to “HiT Podcast Episode 4 John Sullivan” on Spreaker.

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