Hit Episode No. 79 – David Rich (Lincoln and Grant)

Conservatives want to be as stylish and successful as their liberal peers.

Only most men’s magazines aren’t convinced of that fact.

Outlets like GQ and Esquire publish progressive content betwist their style tips and fitness bromides. And it’s only gotten worse in recent years, witness stories like a 2015 GQ essay dubbed, “F*** Ben Carson.”

It’s why this podcaster stopped subscribing to men’s magazines long ago. Why would any conservative visit those outlets in the Age of Trump?

Now, there’s something for right-of-center men to read without getting insulted about their views.

The upcoming Lincoln & Grant doesn’t believe in hand wringing over a big business deal, toxic masculinity or evil conservatives. It’s about success, ambition and making the very best life for yourself. CEO and founder David Rich has had enough of that damaging attitude, and he brings a wealth of experience in traditional publishing to his latest venture.

Here’s part of the magazine’s mission statement:

The Left is demonizing men and diminishing the vital roles they play in families and communities. From a New York Times headline claiming men are becoming obsolete, to Hillary Clinton proclaiming that the future is female, the Progressive Left has declared a War on Men and Masculinity.

The HiT ‘cast spoke with Rich about Lincoln & Grant’s origins, the questions he’d ask some of today’s biggest stars and why masculinity deserves a robust defense.

Listen to “HiT Episode 79 David Rich” on Spreaker.

Please help the magazine’s crowdfunding project as soon as possible. Conservatives say they’re sick of losing the culture wars to the left. Now, with Lincoln & Grant, it’s time to fight back.

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