HiT ‘cast No. 62 – Boris Khaykin (We the Internet)

Late Night TV is now Anti-Trump TV. Stand-up specials can’t help but torch the Reality Show Star in Chief.

boris khaykin we the internet tv
Boris Khaykin

Need a break? Try We the Internet TV. The Web-based sketch series doesn’t ignore President Trump. It just finds time to address subjects “Saturday Night Live” and its ilk wouldn’t go near.

  • Woke athletes
  • Virtue signaling comics
  • Safe spaces
  • Youthful protesters who “feel the Bern”

It’s all fair game for Boris Khaykin and his We the Internet teammates. They’re equal opportunity offenders, which means they have a treasure trove of topics to tackle.

Khaykin (pronounced ‘hikin’ like ‘hikin’ a trail) breaks down the troupe’s approach, reveals some late show scribes wish they could be more fair and predicts a future with endless cat videos in the latest HiT ‘cast.

Listen to “HiT Episode 62 Boris Khaykin” on Spreaker.

Here is the article discussed on the show – ‘How Facebook Is Killing Comedy.’

Please visit Boris’ Twitter page @theBorisK and his Instagram account at “theborisk”

Here’s two samples of the We the Internet pranksters at play:

Edgy Comedian DARES to Make Fun of Trump | We the Internet TV

The Fans Who Want More Politics In Sports: Part 1 - Why Fans Crave Politics | We the Internet TV

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