Here's why a veteran film producer is rolling the dice on a whole new Hollywood production plan.

Few Hollywood producers know what it means to blow stuff up better than Dean Devlin.

Now, the producer of “Godzilla” (1998) and “Independence Day” wants to shake up the Hollywood system. His new directorial effort, “Bad Samaritan,” comes to us via Legion M. The company, created in 2016, offers a fan-based production model.

How does it work? Fans essentially own the company, investing in new content on their terms for as little as $100 at a time. Supporters also can join for free sans the investing side of the equation. Learn more at the company’s official web site.

Legion M previously distributed “Collosal” with Anne Hathway. More recently, it teamed with Devlin to bring “Bad Samaritan” to theaters.

This doesn’t mean Devlin is giving up on the old Hollywood model. He just sees an opening for another tier of film product that offers fans the chance for greater input.

The HiT ‘cast, courtesy of contributor Dave Minkus, interviewed Devlin and Legion M co-founder Paul Scanlan about their latest film (“Bad Samaritan”) and what the future holds for the company. They’re disruptors and proud of it. We’ll have to see where that ingenuity takes them in the months and years to come.

For now, enjoy the conversation. Maybe you’ll be part of Legion M one day, too.

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