This Hollywood reporter doesn't follow the trail blazed by his colleagues.

Following entertainment journalists on social media can be … depressing.

It’s clear the vast majority lean heavily to the Left. That would be fine if it didn’t directly influence their reportage. It does, and it’s not up for debate for fair-thinking people.

jon levine thewrap com media editor media editor Jon Levine

Jon Levine is different.

The media editor for is rigorously balanced in both his stories and Twitter feed. He routinely calls out Democrats and Republicans.

Journalism comes first, and he’s often ahead of the pack as a result. Even better?

His Tweets tackle stories and angles his peers often ignore. Here’s just one example:

That’s a far cry from the narrative you’ll find elsewhere.

Jon breaks down his journalistic philosophy, why he’s never officially off the clock in the Age of Trump and the reason some reporters cry foul over his work on the latest HiT ‘cast.

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