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HiT Podcast No. 10 – Sabo

Remember that image of a tatted up Ted Cruz staring at you from your computer screen?

Then you already know Sabo, the street artist who brought that arresting image to life. Sabo plays by sabo-hillarythe Left’s rules but is a man of the Right. He’s brash, unapologetic and has had his office visited by the Secret Service thanks to his unexpurgated comments.

Sounds like a rebel, right?

HiT interviewed the L.A.-based artist about his military background, why he doesn’t fit in with his fellow artists and his plans for the Trump years.

Here’s a sample of what he had to say (warning: some adult language in the podcast):

  • “Look what Obama did with race relations. It’s horrific now.”
  • “A Fox News reporter turned me in” — on why he got that Secret Service visit.
  • “If we wanna have any effect on this culture war [conservatives] have to support each other.”

Listen to the entire episode to catch what else is on Sabo’s mind:

Listen to “HiT Podcast Episode 10 Sabo” on Spreaker.


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