HiT Episode No. 101 – Max Martini (‘Sgt Will Gardner’)

Actor Max Martini refused to take a heaping helping of no’s for an answer.

The co-star of “13 Hours,” “Saving Private Ryan” and TV’s “The Unit” spent years attempting to bring a veteran’s story to the big screen. He could have given up, focusing on the crush of acting gigs heading his way.

  • “Fifty Shades of Grey”
  • “Sabotage”
  • “Captain Phillips”
  • “Pacific Rim”

Instead, he kept working while putting the pieces together for a film he had to make. The result is “Sgt. Will Gardner,” a powerful drama about a wounded veterans hitting the road on his motorcycle.

SGT Will Gardner - Official Trailer Max Martini, Omari Hardwick, Gary Sinise

The film, which co-stars Gary Sinise, Lily Rabe and Robert Patrick, follows a distraught vet (Martini) as he tries to reassemble the shattered pieces of his life.

Some of the film’s proceeds will go to Higher Ground, Warriors Heart and The Gary Sinise Foundation.

Martini talked about his strong bond with veterans, the upside of masculinity and much more on the latest HiT ‘cast.

Listen to “HiT Episode 101 Max Martini (‘Sgt. Will Gardner’)” on Spreaker.

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