HiT Episode No. 59 – Stephen Miller (‘Conservatarians’ Podcast)

Stephen Miller knows the power of Twitter, and he’s not afraid to wield it.

His musings at @redsteeze make it one of those “must read” accounts that lives up to that hype. This scribe shares at least one “redsteeze” Tweet a day. Often more.

Miller also knows why Twitter is such an important medium. That’s particular true for his brand of writing. Funny. Sharp. Unabashedly right leaning.

He won’t get much love from traditional media outlets, so he does the heavy lifting himself. And it’s working. Miller is a contributor to, a former scribe for Heat Street and the co-host of The Conservatarians podcast with Jon Gabriel.

Miller shares how he segued from comic books to conservative punditry, his love of New York based movie going and the one Hollywood trend that cheers his cynical soul in the latest HiT cast.

Listen to “HiT Episode 59 Stephen Miller” on Spreaker.

Please follow Stephen on Twitter @redsteeze, read his columns at and listen to his Conservatarians Podcast for great insights into pop culture.

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