HiT Episode No. 81 – Jimmie Walker (‘Good Times’)

Sitcoms come, sitcoms go.

The same is often true of the stars who make them great. For everyone like Tom Hanks, who went from “Bosom Buddies” to superstardom, there are countless others whose careers quickly fizzled.

It’s a brutal business. There’s always a fresh face coming down the pike to take your place. Landing one hit sitcom is the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Jimmie Walker of “Good Times” fame isn’t a top-tier talent at 71. He’s the first to admit that. He’s still managed to leverage his TV fame to forge a comedy career well into its fourth decade.

Movies. More television. And a stand-up career that began decades ago and shows no sign of stopping, witness his new special, “We’re Still Here,” with fellow comic Michael Winslow.

If that’s not “dyn-o-mite,” what is?

FAST FACT: John Amos, who played Walker’s father on “Good Times,” is only seven years older than his on-screen son.

Walker is also a keen Hollywood observer, understanding both the industry’s rhythms and the forces that help shape the content we see. He revealed a great story about another classic sitcom on the latest HiT ‘cast. He also dove deep into comedy in the Age of Trump and why so few comedians dare to praise the unconventional leader.

Listen to “HiT Episode 81 Jimmie Walker” on Spreaker.

Walker’s new comedy special, “We’re Still Here,” debuts Aug. 7 on most digital platforms including Amazon, Comcast, DIRECTV, AT&T, DISH, SPECTRUM, iTunes and more.

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