A new TV series promises to offer more than a gripping storyline.

Hollywood progressives routinely inject political messages into their stories.

The same holds true for the values they hold dear. TV and film projects touch on issues like abortion, gay marriage and the quest for diversity. The messages are often clear as a bell, no matter what side of the issue you happen to fall on.

Mike Erwin thinks it’s time to return fire.

Erwin, a veteran Hollywood producer, wants to bring solid, Bible-based values into the content arena. And he’s got a fascinating premise to help make that a reality.

His TV project, “Cayo Warboy,” centers on a lad left all alone following an EMP attack. No parents. No supplies. Just a pre-teen with his wits to keep him alive.

The series is currently building up its social media presence as well as its fundraising arm at Warboy.tv.

Erwin, along with collaborator Galen Wright, shared more about “Cayo Warboy” and the powerful response to the project so far on the latest HiT ‘cast.

Listen to “HiT ‘cast 128: How ‘Cayo Warboy’ Is Different Than Most Modern Shows” on Spreaker.

You can find all the latest news about “Cayo Warboy” at the show’s official site.

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Kelly Sikkema