Paul Asay helps Christian movie goers make their way through the haze of our increasingly coarse culture.

Parents understandably steer their kids clear of salacious material in TV and films.

Sex. Violence. Debauchery. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Young minds can’t fully process mature themes, leaving parents to monitor what content their kids can and can’t see. It’s a complicated job in our robust media age. A simple YouTube search can yield some decidedly raw material.

The task grows thornier for Christian parents. They’d rather their children avoid stories that malign their belief system or take the Lord’s name in vain.

Both happen quite a bit in modern pop culture.

Enter Paul Asay. The Colorado Springs-based film critic reviews movies for His reviews do more than share basis plot outlines and critical takeaways. They share down to the smallest detail what material might be offensive to Christian consumers.

Or, as Asay puts it, he gives “parents the information that they want, and they need, to make their own decisions.”

HiT talked about that very specific style of reviewing with Asay, along with his thoughts on jaded film critics and the faith-based genre’s growing pains.

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Olivia Snow