HiT Episode No. 46 – Comedian David Naster

David Naster doesn’t think cancer is funny. He just knows it how important humor can be when someone is diagnosed with that life-altering disease.

The veteran comic hosts the web series “You Just Have to Laugh,” and it’s unlike any YouTube show you’ll find. Each episode finds Naster interviewing people who have used humor to cope with the very worst situations life can throw at us.

Depression. Bullying. The loss of a loved one. Divorce. PTSD.

Naster and his guests, like Sinbad, Dr. Patch Adams and comedian Joe Caronia, share their deeply personal pain. More importantly, each recalls how humor helped them manage their emotions in some very tough times.

Naster shares how he came up with the series, some of his most memorable interviews and much more on the latest HiT ‘cast.

Listen to “HiT Episode 46 David Naster” on Spreaker.

David recommends you check out “Returning the Favor,” the positive new series from Mr. “Dirty Works” himself, Mike Rowe.

And if you’ve been impacted by the Houston flooding please reach out to David via He’s making a documentary sharing how humor is helping Texans cope with the natural disaster. He needs your help to bring those stories to the public.

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