HiT Episode No. 39 – Angela Dixon

Actress Angela Dixon didn’t give much thought to accepting a role a fellow actress deemed too dangerous.

The powers that be behind “Never Let Go” still weren’t sure Dixon was right for the part. The reasons why won’t surprise anyone who understands the ingrained sexism in the film industry.

Dixon persevered, turning in a blistering performance in the indie thriller.

Never Let Go Trailer - On DVD & Digital 8/22

Dixon plays Lisa Brennan, a single mother taking a well needed vacation in Morocco. Her baby daughter is stolen from her during a beach excursion, and she will stop at nothing to rescue her child.

Unlike Halle Berry’s character in the recent “Kidnap,” Dixon’s character has the background necessary to fight the kidnappers on their own terms.

The British actress opens up to the HiT ‘cast this week about sexism, being open to off-screen adventure and why her “Never Let Go” wardrobe sends a message.

Listen to “HiT Episode 39 Angela Dixon” on Spreaker.

Meet Angela Dixon:

The actress trained at Goldsmiths College and the Drama Studio London. Her work in “Never Let Go” earned her Best Actress honors at the Artemis, Women In Action Film Festival in L.A.

Next up: She’ll appear in “Homeless Ashes” with March Zammit, Jason Flemyng and Madalina Bellaria Ion and “Chimera,” a short by award winning Patrick Ryder with Andrew Lee Potts, Rachel Warren, Marc Zammit and Nadia Lamin.

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