HiT Episode No. 84 – Comedian Andrew Heaton

There’s nothing funny about creative destruction, sugar subsidies or the minimum wage.

Andrew Heaton begs to differ.

Mostly Weekly Series Finale: Creative Destruction

The quicksilver wit makes all of the above hilarious while teaching us something about our amazing economic engine. He’s done it with his excellent EconPop series as well as “Mostly Weekly” for Reason TV.

The free market has a friend in Heaton, no doubt. And he’s got a few new irons in the creative fire coming our way.

Andrew Heaton 007
Comedian Andrew Heaton doesn’t lean left like 94-odd percent of his peers.

Best of all?

How often do you hear libertarian-leaning comics who are legitimately funny? It’s a small club, and Heaton is a charter member.

He talked about his segue into comedy, why political satire in the Age of Trump is so tricky and why he admires both Stephen Colbert and “The Daily Show” in the latest HiT ‘cast.

Listen to “HiT Episode 84 Comedian Andrew Heaton” on Spreaker.

Please visit his site for comedy videos, stand-up material and more. Sign up to his newsletter and you’ll be the first to know about his upcoming gigs. He teased a few to this podcaster off air, and they legimitately sound exciting.

He’s also available in ye olde book form – “Laughter is Better Than Communism,” “Happier as Werewolves: A Comedy” and “Frank Got Abducted.

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