Has there ever been a movie begging for the EconPop treatment more than Matt Damon's "Elysium?"

The 2013 dud cobbled together a string of silly economic arguments to hammer home its inequality mantra.

Enter Andrew Heaton, EconPop’s slinger of mirth and defender of capitalism. It isn’t a fair fight.

“Elysium” captures a future where the rich people live on a gorgeous, fully-stocked space station while everyone else barely survives back on earth.

“[The space station’s] denizens are so insanely affluent they sometimes break into uncontrollable bouts of French,” Heaton says.

The film flopped, but it did inspire some of the comedian’s best bits.


“Millions of dollars in special effects enable the creation of the first movie ever where robots battle economic straw men in space,” Heaton cracks.