This God fearing conservative has something to say, and CRTV lets him do just that without a filter.

Reality show stars typically love the limelight. Not Phil Robertson.

The patriarch behind A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” became a sensation following the show’s epic rise. He’s still the same soul who began the hit series, a man of faith with a long scraggly beard who never clicked a keyboard mouse.

Don’t expect the latter to change any time soon.

Robertson reluctantly returned to the programming arena late last year, courtesy of CRTV. “In the Woods with Phil” lets the God-fearing Louisiana native pontificate on faith, hunting and other plain-spoken subjects.

He does so without fear of repercussions, thanks to CRTV’s sponsor-free approach. That wasn’t always the case.

Who can forget how A&E temporarily suspended Robertson from “Duck Dynasty.”  Why? He expressed a preference for heterosexual sex and called gay sex sinful, citing the Bible.

The latest HiT ‘cast lets Robertson share why he returned to television, streaming style along, with his thoughts on how removing God from public schools had some unintended consequences.

Listen to “HiT Episode 63 Phil Robertson” on Spreaker.

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