‘No Safe Spaces’ – Our Last Chance to Save Free Speech?

This essential docudrama predicted our current sorry state. We just didn't listen

“No Safe Spaces” reveals the Left’s plan to squash free speech as we’ve known it for 243 years.

That’s not hyperbole. 

The evidence speaks for itself over and again in 90 riveting minutes. “No Safe Spaces” could have gone on for another hour, maybe two, had all the free speech attacks made the final cut. Had the film come out in 2020 it would have been double the length.

Maybe triple.

It’s hard to imagine a more vital film in today’s cultural maestrom.


“No Safe Spaces” starts slowly, and that’s being kind. We’re introduced to stars Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager, our guides through the collegiate chaos. The tone is light, the spirit teetering on self-promotional.

Turns out the docudrama is clearing its throat and establishing the key players and themes. We’re soon knee deep in shocking tales of campus culture gone awry.

  • Threats
  • Violence
  • Destruction
  • Despair
  • Careers destroyed
  • Arrogance
  • Immaturity
  • Hate
  • Oh, lots and lots of hate

It’s hard to recognize this college portrait, especially after seeing big screen romps like “Revenge of the Nerds,” “Animal House” and “Old School.” Those new to the free speech fight, understandable given the media’s reticence to cover the issue, may be shocked.

It’s all the more reason to watch “No Safe Spaces.”

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No example highlights the problem better than the ballad of Bret Weinstein. The self-described liberal professor cringed when students at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash. reversed the annual “Day of Absence.” The woke campus “asked” white students and faculty members not to show up to class one day.

Weinstein disagreed with the decision. That set off a chain of events that led to his dismissal.

The details of Weinstein’s fight are so farcical, so dangerous, it’s almost impossible to believe. We watch it all shake down in “No Safe Spaces,” unable to look away. The faces of these social justice bullies will haunt you.

Guaranteed. We’re seeing those faces again during the George Floyd protests.

Ted Cruz calls out Antifa, slams violence, riots

While the vast majority of free speech attacks target conservatives, liberals like Weinstein aren’t spared when the PC Police come a knocking. Just ask Amy Schumer, Will Ferrell or Tina Fey.

The same holds true at the university level.

“No Safe Spaces” certainly leans to the right, but the film spotlights a number of liberal voices for balance. Dr. Cornel West, legal legend Alan Dershowitz and CNN’s Van Jones all weigh in on the Left’s lust for silence.

It’s Jones who emerges as the film’s most eloquent voice.

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Still, a number of sequences will “trigger” progressives. The film excoriates victimhood claims and identity politics in ways that, to a casual observer, seem like a documentary drifting off course.

The connection tissue is vital, though, and “No Safe Spaces” cleverly underplays that message. Hardcore liberals may not see it that way, and those chasing people off their campuses may be too far gone at this point.

Comedian Dennis Miller reacts to No Safe Spaces movie

Late in the film “No Safe Spaces” assembles a panel of comedians to share how the free speech battle impacts their livelihoods. Tim Allen joins the fray, describing how his male perspective powered his act for decades.

And he’s not about to apologize for it now.

Even better? Carolla breaks down some humor templates to show how a softer, kinder comedy makes literally no sense.

“No Safe Spaces” director Justin Folk assembles enough raw data to convince anyone with an open mind about the problem. He also harnesses pop culture in a way more conservatives should follow. You’ll laugh, and wince, at a spot-on “Simpsons” clip.

This isn’t your father’s right-leaning film.

Folk’s measured eye scores repeatedly, often without saying a word. Take how he frames conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, a juicy target for today’s hard left. The Daily Wire editor (Note: This critic contributes to that site) is seen shuffling through airports, a slight man who poses no physical threat to anyone.

Later, we watch a line of burly, heavily armed cops ready to protect Shapiro from the hordes of far-leftWhatfinger News protesters.

“No Safe Spaces” boasts production values far beyond what we expect from a crowdfunded film. The visuals look consistently sharp, from the comedic beats to the plethora of talking heads.

Folk indulges in too many slow-motion shots, though, and one 3D animated segment reminds us this isn’t a slick Hollywood production.

The film leaves us with a number of critical takeaways:

  • Free speech opponents don’t just target conservatives. Just ask Weinstein.
  • The problem isn’t isolated to college campuses. Just ask Kevin Hart. Or read the latest headlines,
  • The American brand of liberty is rare, and precious, and goes against human nature
  • The film probably should slip in Andy Ngo’s horrific attack at the hands of Antifa, goons who share the same mindset as these college scolds.

This isn’t an ideological rant, nor is it meant solely for church preaching. Liberals may recoil at the sight of Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin and Prager.

Tough. They need to watch this.

As “No Safe Spaces” reminds us, we’ll all be in the far-left’s cross hairs sooner than later.

HiT or Miss: “No Safe Spaces” isn’t just a must-see movie event. It’s a feature that could help save the culture, assuming it isn’t too late.

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