Hollywood’s Gay Activists Silent on Ngo’s Brutal Attack

Last weekend a gay Asian journalist attempted to record an Antifa event for the world to see.

It’s what journalists do – capture the news for the public’s consideration. And, given Antifa’s violent past and threatening antics, Ngo’s mission took on greater importance. He suspected he might be targeted by the black-clad group during their Portland appearance.

He did his job anyway. We all know what happened next.

Antifa thugs ganged up on the slight Ngo, throwing milkshakes at him before pummeling him so badly he needed medical attention.

Andy Ngo reveals brain hemorrhage diagnosis after Antifa protest

Here’s a chilling, first-hand account of the melee, and how various Antifa members behaved like actors from the classic ’70s movie “The Warriors.”

This all happened June 29. Hollywood activists, particularly gay rights activists like Ellen Page, Ryan Murphy, RuPaul and Ellen DeGeneres, have had more than enough time to learn about the assaults. While far too many liberal outlets made excuses for the inexcusable behavior, the story still spread via traditional news outlets and social media.Whatfinger News

Even CNN invited Ngo on air to explain the situation. So where’s the outrage?

Hollywood once again falls silent due to the politics behind the scenes. Ngo is seen by many as a right-of-center journalist. He routinely reports on the far-left Antifa, capturing their ugly rhetoric and lust for violence.

The fact that he’s both gay and Asian means nothing to politically woke Hollywood. Ngo isn’t pushing any of their preferred narratives. That wasn’t the case earlier this year when gay black actor Jussie Smollett, an avowed Trump hater, said he got beaten by two of the president’s supporters.

Smollett’s “attack” drew plenty of Hollywood fury, even though it looked wildly suspicious immediately. At least 15 stars quickly blamed either Trump or his followers for the assault.

Khloe Kardashian, Ariana Grande & Hailey Baldwin REACT To Jussie Smollett Attack!

We later learned Smollett made it all up.

Still, we’ve yet to see any palpable outcry about Ngo from those very same celebrities. Nor have we heard from stars who use their celebrity pulpits to support gay rights.

Taylor Swift, who recently thrust herself to the front of the gay rights movement, has yet to sing a syllable about Ngo’s attack. You’d think rallying behind Ngo would be the next logical step for the newly woke star. 

That hypocrisy didn’t escape some Twitter users.

George Takei, a tireless advocate for gay rights, also has stayed silent rather than rage against Ngo’s attackers.

Have any left of center celebrities spoken out against Antifa following Ngo’s assault? This reporter can’t find any. Some even stuck by the group’s side, including “Catastrophe” star Rob Delaney. If this reporter learns of any of the aforementioned stars speaking out against Ngo’s attackers this story will be updated.

Meanwhile, conservative superstar Michelle Malkin immediately started a successful crowdfunding campaign to help Ngo following the attack. Here’s Malkin’s account of the attack, for more vital context.

As they passed the county courthouse and sheriff’s office, the anarchists taunted Ngo by name and hurled cups with unknown substances at him. One violent attacker dressed like a ninja, donning black gloves with reinforced knuckles, punched Ngo in the eyes. Another black-cloaked punk kicked Ngo in the groin multiple times as others pelted him with liquids, sprays and eggs….

The police, she notes, stood by while the violence raged.

Ngo was not alone. Two Oregonians who had come to support conservative speakers at a downtown rally nearby were set upon by black-masked vigilantes. Adam Kelly was hit in the head with fists, nunchucks, a metal Hydro Flask and a crowbar. Two massive gashes on his skull required more than 25 staples. John Blum was also overrun by people in black masks, who aimed bear spray or mace at him when he, Kelly and two others tried to come to the aid of others being assaulted by Antifa. The elderly Blum had carried a baton to defend himself, but was blinded and incapacitated while being hit, punched and dragged across the street with blood pouring down his face.

It gets even worse.

One Twitter user, LucetVeritas, who posted video of Portland violence this weekend, disappeared from the site on Monday. I was able to track her down. She told me that her tweet “had millions of impressions and almost 12,000 retweets. Within 24 hours, Twitter suspended my account offering no explanation.

Ngo himself, still recovering from his wounds, explained why LGBT groups like GLAAD have stayed silent about the attack. “I’m not the ‘right’ kind of victim,” he explained.

The same, apparently, holds true for Hollywood denizens.

Now, celebrity activists aren’t required to comment on every vicious act in our culture. That’s unrealistic and unfair. When so many stars, though, fail to respond to a high-profile attack on a gay journalist, during Pride Month, their silence isn’t just deafening.

It’s incriminating.

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