‘Safe Spaces’ Parody Goes Viral, Sparks Tour

Steve McGrew thinks he knows why Stephen Colbert and co. are reticent to mock Safe Space Nation.

Those late night shows, which almost uniformly skew liberal, assume college snowflakes are “their real audience,” McGrew says.

“It might have been the old forest for the trees thing. They were just too close to see the humor in the idiotic concept of segregated safe spaces,” he says.

Their loss is McGrew’s gain.

Thank You, Mr. Brooks

The Denver-based comedian teamed with internet sensation Chad Prather to cut “Friends in Safe Spaces.” The parody, based on the Garth Brooks’ classic, takes down the liberals who melted down over the election of Donald Trump.

Friends in Safe Spaces. Chad Prather and Steve Mudflap McGrew aka Larry the Liberal

And the clip is officially viral. So far, it’s generated more than 900,000 views on YouTube since March 8. And the number is growing.

“The response has been massive … it’s been called the anthem of right,” McGrew says.

The mainstream media, which uniformly covers every late night attack on President Donald Trump, has mostly avoided the parody. Meanwhile, conservative outlets like and Fox News eagerly shared the track and its back story.

Grab Those Coloring Books

Not everyone is enamored of the “Safe Spaces” anthem.

“There has been some negative feedback, of course. But it’s the snowflakes that can’t laugh at themselves,” McGrew says. “They typed out a mean note then ran to their Safe Space.”‘

Anti-snowflake song trolling liberals goes viral

McGrew and Prather played a one-weekend stint at Denver’s Comedy Works earlier this month dubbed the “Friends in Safe Spaces” tour. Now, that “tour” is a reality. And they can thank the song’s online success for it.

The “Safe Spaces” tour will be coming to Tampa, Nashville and Huntsville and Birmingham, Ala. in the coming weeks. More cities are in the works, McGrew says.

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The duo’s Denver appearance didn’t feature the viral sensation.


It hadn’t been written yet. There’s a strong chance it’ll be part of the upcoming tour. McGrew cautions that audiences shouldn’t expect a conservative version of “The Late Show” or “Full Frontal” when he and Prather hit the stage.

“It won’t ever be too political. Why take a chance of upsetting half the people? We make comedy what it should be: funny,” McGrew says. “We’re just two comedians who believe in right and wrong, good upbringing and a giant helping of common sense.”


      1. Yiannopolis. He’s the fabulous all gay, half-jewish right wing snowflake bomber.

      2. Milo Yiannopoulos. The snowflakes rioted when he came to speak at UC Berkley. They tried to set the building on fire.

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