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Schumer’s ‘Snatched’ Not Woke Enough, Critics Cry

It isn’t easy being a woke celebrity. You try. And you try. Yet it’s never good enough.

Katy Perry attempts to turn her grrrl power shtick into a political movement and gets popped by a withering op-ed in The Daily Beast.

Will Ferrell does everything humanly possible to support progressive causes. What happens next? he gets dubbed a racist for a comedy co-starring a black superstar.

And now there’s Amy Schumer’s “Snatched.”

Snatched | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

The new comedy stars the uber-progressive comic and Goldie Hawn in a mother-daughter adventure. Schumer’s influence on the film is palpable. She didn’t just famously nix a gun-laden sequence (she’s for gun control in real life). The screenplay also has her fingerprints all over it.

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Her character notices, and mocks, how a tribal family in Colombia treats women like second-class citizens. There’s plenty of female empowerment chatter through and through. And it’s the women who must save themselves.

It wasn’t enough, apparently.

Here’s The New York Times “destroying” the film’s lack of insensitivity.

“Snatched” is one of those movies that subscribes to a dubious homeopathic theory of cultural insensitivity by which the acknowledgment of offensiveness is supposed to prevent anyone from taking offense. The idea is that if you use variations on the phrase “That’s racist!” as a punch line a few times, nothing else you say or do could possibly be racist. Including, say, populating your movie with dark-skinned thugs with funny accents and killing a few of them for cheap laughs. hints at outrage but doesn’t go the full scold:

The trip is a trap, however, and the women are summarily kidnapped, thrown into a dingy cell, and held for ransom by a ruthless sort named Morgado (Oscar Jaenada), who — if we’re keeping tabs on Hollywood’s representation of foreign lands — is the first native character, and one of the only ones, with more than three lines.

The Hollywood Reporter hits harder:

There’s one extremely bizarre gag involving the manual extraction of a tapeworm, and also some unfortunate cultural stereotyping in the form of gun-toting Colombians with long hair and sinister teeth….

[Director Jonathan] Levine … isn’t a deft enough director to overcome the optics of yet another film about white characters finding themselves thanks to their experience in a problem-plagued developing country.

The Village Voice shares its outrage in the headline: “Snatched” Is Perfect for Mother’s Day if Mom Hates and Fears Other Countries

In a scene that signals the soft racism to follow, Linda mishears the standard English greeting of the Ecuadorian concierge, handing out a complimentary drink, as “whale cum.”

Then, the reviewer goes for the jugular by comparing the film to “Monster in Law.”

That film traded in casual misogyny, Snatched in offhand xenophobia. Happy Mother’s Day.

Sorry, Schumer. All of your liberal virtue signaling isn’t enough. Your new film simply isn’t woke. And today’s film critics, who increasingly resemble Social Justice Warriors, are all too eager to say so.


  1. 1. I’d feel some sympathy if she hadn’t already done the obligatory left wing shaming of middle American values.
    2. Re: Schumer related to Chuck Schumer. Enough with the nepotism between the media and the Washington power elite.

  2. Senator Chuck Schumer’s cousin is a racist. Who would have guessed? The truth is that the Left does not do comedy.

    1. This may be me, but I find that today’s current supposed comedians are not funny. Some where along the line the definition of comedy changed drastically. Lennie Bruce would be embarrassed.

      1. That is the point of the article that they aren’t allowed to be because of today’s woke culture! There ARE some important things to be woke on but not comedy, that’s why it’s called comedy.

    2. She’s vaguely attractive, but she has an ugly soul. And has never uttered anything in the least funny

  3. Progressivism is a cancer that consumes everyone, especially those who embrace it. Because it’s now based on identity politics, it will self-segregate until Balkanizarion of the culture is complete and we’re literally at each other’s throats. Fortunately, 90% of the division will be on the left. Unfortunately, they’ll be far more dangerous as small cadres of true believers who believe anything is justified in the name of their cause, from lying slander and libel to violence and even murder.

  4. Nobody really cares about reviewers. Is it funny? That’s all that matters. They’ll cluck cluck endlessly in public, but if it’s funny, they’ll still go see it.

  5. Normally, these kinds of reviews would send me to the theater to see the movie, because that usually means it’s actually funny. But given that this is Amy Shumer, I’m going to take a pass. I have never found her funny and find all her moral lecturing annoying. I love that she is getting it thrown back in her face. Couldn’t happen to a worse person.

    1. unless it means “untalented, unfunny, and grossly overweight” in some language, then no.

  6. and on top of all that, the movie is a steaming pile of shit. pretty soon fat amy will be financing her pictures, as well as writing them. there is simply no audience for this talentless shrew. i know, mybe she could do a buddy picture with rosie o’donnel and call it “Scissoring To Gomorrah”

    1. I can’t stand Schumer, but since SJW’s hate this movie, it might be worth watching just to annoy them.

  7. I think films should be entertainment. Others demand they be propaganda. They should be separated and labeled as such.

  8. Amy Schumer’s Leftist-media driven career is what happens when being related to a notorious politician is all you need for that big break.

  9. It is just a pain’ole dumb movie….nothing more…nothing less. It is all Amy does…DUMB.

  10. the “you are a misogynist pig hate criminal if you don’t see it say great things about this movie” marketing plan from Ghostbusters has been pulled out yet again, and has failed yet again.

    1. Yup. You’d think Hollywood would learn lecturing people on how racist/sexist they are if they don’t see a film doesn’t work. Nope.

  11. I enjoy schadenfreude as much as the next, but the more important issue is: SJW are amassing a lot of power and they are intent on wielding it against us as well as each other. This may be funny at the micro level, but an America controlled by SJW would make ‘1984’ look like a libertarian Utopia. Laugh, but be scared silly if you understand what is taking place. These people are deadly dangerous. They are opposed to free speech, and will use government to crush you, personally, if you resist. Try this WaPo column about the New York ‘Civil Rights’ Commission now being able to fine people up to a quarter million dollars for not using the personal pronouns ‘xe’ and ‘hir’ if that is what patrons or employees want:

  12. The schadenfreude of this is pleasing, but it also shows that the system is working as planned. In the Left’s utopia, everyone will be guilty of thoughtcrime.

  13. The real comedy is the movie seems to have unintentionally hit it on the head when it comes to the crime and violence found in these other countries. And that itself is upsetting to the Hollywood crowd.

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