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Is the Left Trying to Re-Cancel Shane Gillis on ‘SNL?’

Media outlets revive 'problematic' jokes after show taps him to host on Feb. 24

Cancel Culture isn’t the nuclear-level force it once was.

Yes, the woke Left ended the mainstream careers of Gina Carano, Roseanne Barr and Louis CK, with only the latter committing an act worthy of cancellation.

Yet the censorious Left couldn’t keep Morgan Wallen canceled. Netflix stood by both Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais as they told their jokes, their way on the streaming platform.

Plus, C.K. sold out Madison Square Garden last year with no help from mainstream Hollywood players.

The latest example of the toxic trend weakening?

“Saturday Night Live” had a change of heart and invited Shane Gillis to host its next live show Feb. 24. Yes, that’s the same Gillis who briefly got hired by the NBC showcase in 2019 before “problematic” jokes magically re-surfaced and “SNL” rescinded its invitation.

Earlier this month, “SNL” channeled a classic line from Emily Litella, memorably played by Gilda Radner.


That’s good news for a show which could use a creative jolt in its 49th season. Gillis may do the trick given his quick wit and eagerness to mock the Left, Right and Middle.

Except some media outlets aren’t too happy about Gillis’ hosting gig. They’d love to cancel the comedian weeks before his “SNL” debut.


Take NBC News. The far-Left outlet published an essay entitled, “With Shane Gillis’ return to SNL, Asians ask when they’ll stop being the punchline.”

The article circled back to the far-Left journalist who previously dug up the old Gillis clips along with two Asian comedians who chafed at Gillis’ comments.

Is there anything new here? Of course not.

Does Gillis make it a habit of specifically targeting Asian people? Of course not.

Does he spend endless hours in front of a podcast mic squeezing funny observations from every source possible? Of course.

Do those Asian riffs represent his best work? Of course not.

“SNL” knows all of this and still extended an olive branch to Gillis, whose star has risen significantly since the 2019 cancellation.

The NBC News story got picked up, and magnified, by Yahoo! News.

TMZ, left-leaning but hardly as partisan as most mainstream outlets, quickly tried to resurrect Gillis’ old “problematic” routine. The site claims the older material magically “resurfaced,” as if it wasn’t just people AKA TMZ staffers clicking a few buttons on their laptops. 

We can hear a series of highly edited clips where Gillis fires off racially-charged gags in all directions.

Howard Stern said far, far worse in his day, and he’s never been canceled.

RELATED: JOE ROGAN: HOWARD STERN WENT WOKE, a news site catering to LGBTQ+ readers, attacked Gillis anew for his use of the word “gay” and “f***ot” in a derogatory fashion.

The liberal New York Daily News took a page out of the TMZ playbook, framing its delayed outrage over the “SNL” hosting gig in near-identical fashion.

None of these outlets batted an eye when Jimmy Kimmel, who dressed repeatedly in blackface and sexually mocked First Lady Melania Trump, snagged the Oscar hosting gig for the third time.

Next, The Daily News tried to bully NBC into changing its mind. It’s a textbook case of journalists supporting Cancel Culture with all their cultural might.

As of Tuesday evening, representatives for Gillis had not returned a request for comment. “SNL” has also not commented on what led to their decision to bring Gillis back.

The ultimate irony?

These same journalists chuckled along with every Alec Baldwin-as-Trump sketch over several years, ignoring the actor’s off-screen violence, anti-gay verbiage and allegedly racist comments.


  1. DNC dominated corpo media tries to turn every show/actor/ into a political platform. they chide or attempt to gate-keep any IP or individual that strays from the demagoguery. unfortunately, These industries deserve each other and have earned their nosediving relevance

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