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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Problematic’ Past Completely Ignored by Team Oscar

'The Man Show' ... blackface aplenty ... anti-trans jokes ... and much more

Sarah Silverman said she lost a plum movie gig for a single blackface moment completed a decade ago.

Jimmy Fallon performed a “Struggle Session”-style apology for a single blackface sketch from two decades ago.

Jimmy Kimmel, who repeatedly blackened his face on “The Man Show” during its 1999-2002 run, will host the 2023 Academy Awards telecast.

Breitbart News first noted Kimmel’s problematic past, transgressions that would normally get a comedian “canceled” or at least cost them a gig or two.

Kimmel painted his face black to impersonate NBA great Karl Malone and Oprah Winfrey on “The Man Show.” He used the n-word as well over the years.

Those acts alone should prevent him from hosting any awards telecast, let alone the (still) biggest show in Tinsel Town.

That’s only part of Kimmel’s problematic past.

Kimmel hurled homophobic jokes at Fox News star Sean Hannity in 2018 when the two sparred over policy matters. The late night star later apologize for the comments, although in doing so he threw even more partisan punches.

The Biden apologist leaned into xenophobia by mocking First Lady Melania Trump’s accent, sparking a separate apology.

Need more?

Kimmel invited “Borat” star Sascha Baron Cohen on his show in 2020, allowing the British comic to sexualize Melania Trump in the process.kimmel borat melania sexualize

His “Man Show” past, co-starring Adam Carolla, featured a steady flow of misogynistic humor.

Finally, Kimmel mocked trans activist Caitlyn Jenner for the sin of being a Republican, referring to her as “Donald Trump in a wig.

By the woke Left’s rulebook, Kimmel shouldn’t be anywhere near the Oscar ceremony parking lot in 2023, let alone hosting the gala.


The Academy is known for vetting comedians who may have told the “wrong” jokes in the past.

Comedian Kevin Hart landed the Oscars hosting gig for just a few days before his “problematic” past, far less extensive than Kimmel’s, came to light. Hart apologized for the bit in question, but it didn’t salvage what he dubbed the gig of a lifetime.

Yet Kimmel will oversee the star-studded gala as if none of the above ever happened.


Woke is an evolving set of standards, one centered on progressive political power. (It’s why Hunter Biden’s use of the n-word drew zero outrage but country superstar Morgan Wallen nearly lost his career over it).

Hart, while a much bigger movie star than Kimmel, keeps an apolitical stance in his public life.

Kimmel spends five nights a week hammering Republicans.

So the latter’s sins are absolved for the greater good, and Hollywood doesn’t care if Kimmel sinks the show’s ratings even further.

Politics trumps all in today’s Hollywood. And, for anyone who’s forgotten, woke remains a joke.


  1. If you are a Leftist you get a free pass which shows you the Left doesn’t really care about these issues but they will feign outrage and use it as an excuse to cancel any conservative who says or does similar things. It’s purely a political tactic and anyone who doesn’t see it is a moron or brainwashed…

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