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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks the Dead in Florida to Score Partisan Points

The former 'Man Show' host continues his assault on Gov. DeSantis, Carson's legacy

Jimmy Kimmel shed his Carson-like image long ago.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” star began his late-night career as an affable host, much like the “Tonight Show” icon who set the format’s gold standard. Kimmel later realized the late night landscape had shifted to the far Left, and he reacted accordingly.

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Now, he’s just another progressive comic avoiding Democrat targets and scorching anyone with an “R” affixed to his or her name.

Like Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The Florida Republican may be the GOP’s best hope to take back the White House in 2024, one reason the corrupt media has attacked him with several Fake News broadsides.

Now, it’s Kimmel’s turn.

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He previously dubbed Florida “America’s North Korea.” More recently, he weaponized the COVID-19 virus to attack both the state and its denizens. Does it matter that many Florida residents didn’t vote for DeSantis? Of course not.

Last week, Kimmel lashed out at the unvaccinated, saying they don’t deserve medical treatment for failing to take the newly FDA-approved treatment.

“Dr. Fauci said that if hospitals get any more overcrowded, they’re going to have to make some very tough choices about who gets an ICU bed,” Kimmel said. “That choice doesn’t seem so tough to me. ‘Vaccinated person having a heart attack? Yes, come right on in — we’ll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo? Rest in peace, wheezy.'”

The obvious retort to Kimmel’s commentary? What about drug addicts, compulsive eaters and others who put their health at risk with their actions? Should they be booted from their hospital beds if a shortage occurs?

Kimmel kicked off this week by chuckling over the number of dead Floridians due to COVID-19.

Is this accurate? In a way, that’s besides the point for a comedy showcase. Celebrities routinely spread Fake News sans consequence.

Kimmel and his peers spent years on the Russian collusion hoax without so much as an apology once that narrative collapsed. Horror maestro Stephen King also shared a Fake News whopper on Twitter recently. His eventual “apology” was hardly heartfelt, and the original Tweet is still up, misleading even more social media followers.

Does ABC approve of Kimmel’s antics? Shouldn’t the newly woke star have better things to joke about that dead people in a Republican state?

Did Kimmel say anything about the dead piling up in New York under corrupt former Gov. Andrew Cuomo? Were those deaths not funny … but these are?

None of this is new territory for the transformed Kimmel. He’s a hard-charging partisan now, a host who famously pushed his Republican fans away.

“Not good riddance but riddance,” is how he framed it.

Late night television is increasingly angry, partisan and often willing to set humor aside to make partisan points. Kimmel’s latest is simply part of that trend.

It’s not a shock that Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” now beats “Kimmel” and his peers in the late night ratings war. It’s only a matter of time, though, before even Kimmel loyalists wonder if mocking the dead is how they want to spend their last minutes each weekday.

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