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Hollywood Resistance Can’t Quit Russia Collusion Hoax

Remember middle Brady child Jan and her “Marcia, Marcia Marcia!” lament?

Hollywood has a similar fixation, and it isn’t based on anything like sibling rivalry.

No, the new neurotic battle cry is, “Russia, Russia Russia!”

Except, as the Mueller Report explained in Technicolor earlier this year, the Trump campaign didn’t collude with Russia to steal the 2016 election. Yes, all those breathless reports of the “walls closing in” turned out to be Fake News on steroids.

The message hasn’t gotten through to the Hollywood Resistance. Sadly, many liberal stars are taking a page out of another pop culture touchstone, the Oscar-nominated romance “Brokeback Mountain.”

They wish they knew how to quit the Russia hoax.

Look no further than Alyssa Milano. The actress-turned-activist pounced on a morsel of news attempting to revive the Trump-Russia fiction.

The U.S. government spent nearly $32 million to connect those dots, and it couldn’t be done. Her latest hope also seems a tad shoddy, from a factual perspective.

She isn’t alone in keeping the Russia collusion hoax alive, though.

Director Rob Reiner’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is second to none, and he wasn’t satisfied with the Mueller Report’s revelations. Consider the following Tweets:

You’d think the Hollywood Resistance would have been furious about The Mueller Report. Perhaps they were, initially, but they slowly grew to adore the document that cleared the president of wrong doing.

Why else would an A-list lineup gather to read the report aloud on a theatrical stage? Imagine a film project featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kevin Kline, John Lithgow, Annette Bening, Justin Long, Michael Shannon and Sigourney Weaver.

They all found time in their cramped schedules to read the Mueller Report … live.

Bette Midler, whose Twitter feed is a steady stream of anti-Trump pronouncements, wasn’t convinced by the Mueller Report, either.

Team Late Night had a hard time letting the Russia Collusion Hoax go. To be fair, it became a key part of their nightly narrative. Some far-left hosts still cling to it, facts be darned.

Here, Stephen Colbert mocks Trump for calling the investigation a “witch hunt.”

It's All Smiles With Trump And Putin

One celebrity did try blowing the whistle on the “Russia, Russia, Russia!” outcry shortly after Mueller dropped his report.

Actor Michael Rapaport, who tapes political and cultural rants for his fans, said it’s time to move on in March.

“This goes out to all my Democratic and independent snowflakes out there: Move on! OK, we don’t need to read the f—ing Mueller report,” Rapaport began his social-media jeremiad. They didn’t get D—stain, OK? They didn’t f—ing get him with the Russian thing.”

Apparently, that message wasn’t warmly received by the Hollywood Resistance.

Alina Grubnyak

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