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Jimmy Kimmel’s Sad Transformation Is Complete

The former 'Man Show' host is now angry partisan with less time for laughs

Remember Jimmy Kimmel?

Most of us don’t. Not anymore. He’s unrecognizable in his current form, a hard-left comic with little empathy for those who lean to the right. That’s roughly half the country.

What a shame.

The jocular comic shot to fame by hosting “Win Ben Stein’s Money” and palling around with Adam Carolla. The duo created “The Man Show,” a gleefully macho series that wouldn’t be allowed on Comedy Central today.

Gorgeous women jumping on trampolines? Skits mocking the women’s suffrage movement? The online petitions by outraged progressives to shut the show down would break records. Comedy Central would quickly take a knee.

Those were less “woke” times, though.

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He parlayed that Everyman persona into late night fame. His “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” now in its 14th season, never threatened “The Late Show” or “The Tonight Show” in the ratings wars. The ABC show still draws a sizable crowd and occasionally inspires viral gags that crush YouTube.

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals "Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire" Prank

That was then. Before the rise of Donald Trump and a media landscape that threw away the remaining shreds of its integrity.

Kimmel wants in, apparently. And if his aw, shucks brand has to hit the circular file, so be it. The transformation began with a heartfelt tale tied to his ailing newborn.

FAST FACT: Jimmy Kimmel’s first Oscars hosting gig last year scored a nine-year ratings low. He’s slated to host the gala again March 4.

Last May the comedian shared an update on his young son’s health. The lad required significant medical attention to fix a heart birth defect. A teary-eyed Kimmel shared the latest updates on his son’s condition, slipping in a plea for better health care options for all.

Weeks later, Kimmel got more pointed, and partisan, in his defense of ObamaCare. A quick note: Kimmel never shed a tear, or weighed in in a similar fashion, when we learned President Barack Obama’s pitch for his health care overhaul was riddled with lies.

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro deftly explained the flaws in Kimmel’s baby strategy.

“But the invocation of personal experience in political debate is generally obtuse because it is a soft form of identity politics. It puts those arguing in the position of supposedly rejecting your personal experience, thus impugning your integrity or the veracity of your feelings … The whole point of determining policy is that empathy shouldn’t outweigh reason.”

Shapiro runs a conservative web site where lucid, right-leaning arguments are encouraged. Good luck finding that sensibility across mainstream outlets.

The old Kimmel was fading fast. In recent months he’s cranked up the partisan rhetoric. The Daily Beast reported that he sought out the counsel of Sen. Chuck Schumer, a hard-left Democrat, before one energized monologue.

Kimmel even called out Rep. Paul Ryan in a way the “old” Kimmel never would.

He waded into the gun control debate following the Las Vegas shooting massacre. Naturally he demonized those with whom he disagrees.

“They should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country,” Kimmel said of the GOP.

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Over the weekend Kimmel spoke to the folks at Pod Save America, a liberal chat show. Here’s a tweet sharing one of the comedian’s comments.

Fellow late nighter Stephen Colbert once said, “reality has a well-known liberal bias.” Even Colbert wouldn’t push the comment as far as Kimmel did.

Kimmel’s hard-left opinions can be seen in many of ABC monologues. Here’s a sample rant from his Feb. 1 telecast. See if you can spot any gut busters in the following:

To call Devin Nunes Donald Trump’s lap dog would be an insult to dogs. And laps …”

He then targeted President Trump and his Fake News assault.

“When a newspaper digs whatever you did up, and publishes a story about it, you don’t just attack the facts, you don’t just attack the story, you attack the newspaper. The newspaper is biased. Even if the newspaper clearly isn’t biased.

“That’s Step 1. Step 2 is when multiple newspapers, and news organizations, and reporters, further an investigation, whatever it is, when they report something you don’t like. If you’re the President now, you don’t just attack the newspapers or the news networks, you attack the media. You say the media is biased. You call them the elite media. They’re all in league together. Everyone except Fox and Friends is plotting to get you. Because they don’t want America to be great again!”

“And then, once the media is playing defense, you climb another rung…When the FBI steps in and starts sniffing around and handing out subpoenas…what do you do? Same thing you always do…You discredit the FBI, you discredit the special counsel, you discredit anybody who might possibly come up with information you don’t like.”

Jimmy Kimmel on Trump Releasing Nunes Memo

Is anyone laughing? What you just read sounds like a Daily Kos diarist, not one of the country’s notable late night comics. Fact checking his comments, an easy effort, is besides the point.

So why the Kimmel transformation? He’s no longer the bratty young comic trying to cut his teeth in comedy. He’s 50. He’s also aware how the media treats comics who lean left.

Hero worship hardly describes it.

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Today’s media outlets regularly share Kimmel’s liberal rants … just like they do any “Saturday Night Live” skit attacking the GOP.

What you’re not seeing in the media love fest for Kimmel? Anyone digging into Kimmel’s Comedy Central past. Shouldn’t a woke reporter or two remind us how he ogled bikini women jumping on trampolines? What about Kimmel, in blackface, imitating basketball legend Karl Malone for the same show?

Jimmy Kimmel repeatedly portrayed basketball star Karl Malone, who is black, on his Comedy Central series ‘The Man Show.’

Kimmel is hardly the only late night show leaning to the left. They all do, save Jimmy Fallon. There’s still a big distinction between the “new” Kimmel and his competition.

Colbert has always been politically progressive. His shift from Comedy Central to CBS didn’t change that. HBO’s Bill Maher has been acerbic his entire career. Samantha Bee broke out of the late night gate by calling Sen. Ted Cruz a “fish-faced horsesh** sandwich.” She was never a lovable progressive.

It’s what makes Kimmel’s transformation so jarring.

Arrogant. Self-satisfied. Finger wagging. This isn’t the Jimmy Kimmel we got to know over time. Sadly, Kimmel 2.0 is likely here to stay.


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  1. Samantha Bee looks like a swamp hag from hell.

    And no, intelligence isn’t required to be a late night host. Kimmel needs to get over himself. He’s just a DNC lemming spewing their talking points.

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    2. If intelligence is required to be a late night host, why is it that all late night shows go on vacation when there is a writer strike?

      1. and,,,, “swish” its through with nothing but net for a clean three points!

        Beautiful shot UNExit, well said.

        1. No. They are not liberals. There is nothing liberal about them.
          They are leftists.
          Totalitarian leftists.

          And that is Jimmy Kimmel.

          1. Yes, we are the Totalitarians.

            And those wishing to invade the private lives of gay people, using the State Machinery to punish them for their being, and to extract gestation from unwilling people are the “classical liberals”.

            Whatever you Fascists need to tell yourself.

          2. The only people infiltrating Gay People are the progressives. No one gives a !@#$ about what people are doing in their own homes.

            …but in true Drama Queen fashion…it’s got to be about you doesn’t it?

          3. Believe me no one wants to invade the private lives of gays. As for gestation, the only “unwilling person” is the baby.

          4. Interesting because ‘extracting gestation’ goes both ways. You believe that extratcting gestation is perfectly acceptable until the baby is home from the hospital…or is it the age of 18? The line keeps moving.

            We could care less what gays do, but don’t expect (force us) to carry a rainbow banner and fund transgender surgery.

            You are such liars.

          5. How can we possibly invade the private lives of gays when gays constantly shove thier lifestyles in our faces 24/7. Btw, homosexuality is a mental disorder. Men who hate women but want to act and talk like them. One day each of you will hopefully finally wake up and see yourselves as you really are…sick in the head.

          6. Homosexuality is not a mental disorder. Transgenderism is a mental disorder. Nobody cares what two consenting adult gay people do in the privacy of their own homes. When the Progressive mafia starts to try to force biological males use the girls bathroom at middle schools and for boys who “identify” to shower with girls after gym class and at the local YMCA, then we start caring. That said, I strongly encourage the Left to continue pushing two things: 1) the amnesty agenda, and, 2) transgender/biological males in girls bathroom agenda. Those are big winners for the Right. If you don’t think those two things factored into Trump’s victory you don’t understand Trump voters. MAGA.

          7. I believe that there are ‘true’ homosexuals (that is people who were born with conflicting sexuality) BuT that number is truly very small, as is most birth ‘disorders’. THE REAL number of too many homosexuals is a result of births that have occurred as a result of casual sex, which has blossomed starting in the late fifties. Male children with no father figure suffer the loss of male love and support and even the necessary ability to see how a male functions in everyday life. They then seek that love when they are old enough to do such seeking. To back my claim, take a look at the numbers of MALE homosexuals compared to female homosexuals. There are FAR FEWER females born with no mother as a model, compared to males born with no male as a model…….

            Male homosexuality also occurs when a real father is a person with no love for his children.

          8. Iris – There are no ‘true’ homosexuals. God, our creator, and our Heavenly Parent, is a God of perfection. He doesn’t make mistakes. What is not understood is the spiritual relationship between ourselves and Satan. When someone kills someone for example and says that the devil made me do it, he is not lying. Satan is the enemy of God, he wants to destroy what God values most, His children. Not all our thoughts are ours. Satan can tell us to do evil things and we don’t even know he is speaking to us. Not only that he has the ability to give us feelings of attractiveness to members of the same sex. If someone has give and take with those feelings those feelings grow. And it’s not just homosexuality, road rage, acts of adultery, stealing, looting, murder, these are all things Satan gets us to do and much more. In short – homosexuality is a spiritual problem as well as all the other sins in the world.

          9. Yes, he does not make mistakes, but contrary to your belief, he is not involved in every sex act and there are plenty of people who are sad results of inferior genes…poor children without limbs or worse. These are not PLANNED by God! Read the bible, God gave us autocracy..The very first chapter explains this quite well.

          10. There is no doubt that absentee fathers are a leading cause of male homosexuality. Many studies have confirmed this. I even know a man who was head of Human Rights Campaign in Minneapolis/St. Paul who told me shortly after he “had become a member of the gay community” (as he stated to me) that he and his father “never really talked”.

          11. Forcing people to choose between their livelihood and their deeply-held beliefs, as you did with “the Christian baker” is the essence of fascism. Worse, even. Forcing a man to labor when he’d choose not to is slavery.
            You are the authoritarian threat to our constitutional republic, not Trump.

          12. Last I checked it was the “LGBTQ community” who had become the new Gestapo, trying to close many of the bakeries and wedding planners in the country. How come you folks don’t go after the Islamic bakeries (of which there are many)? I think we both know the answer to that question.

          13. If the bakery is actually Islamic, which implies a religious connection, most likely it now has extra protections to discriminate, thanks to Trump and the GOP, who sometimes don’t realize that every privilege given to Christianity also accrues to other religions as well. However, if it’s a secular bakery run by Muslims and is discriminating, I would support a suit. Also, while I agree that some of the left are Muslim apologists, and have some of the loudest voices, they are opposed by both atheist and Christian liberals, who tend to be moderate on Islam, which means treating American Muslims as just people with rights, while opposing the Islamicization of society and largescale immigration from Muslim countries. If the right ever learned how to appeal to these people without being so extreme on the issue, a coalition is there to be built.

          14. A coalition with Muslims? They’ve threatened the West for 1000 years and are on the brink of conquering Europe. There’s no common ground. That’s why they naturally ally themselves with radical leftists. Leftists openly want the West destroyed and Islam is happy to help.

          15. If you upped your game in the reading comprehension department, maybe you would understand the world a little better.

          16. I’m confused, Auggie. You say that religious freedom protections that conservatives support protect all religions, then embrace the conservative position on several points which are opposed on the left, and then say we are extreme? How so?

          17. Trump’s Muslim ban is an example of an extremist policy, along with his hateful rhetoric. I favor a nuanced position, differentiating between Muslims, who are just people, and Islam itself, which is an anti-Western and anti-modern ideology. Encouraging a moderate brand of Islam in America that can then be exported abroad should be the goal and that won’t happen if Muslims feel they are under attack from the larger culture.

          18. Because they’ll make a wedding cake? And it’s odd to call LGBT folks Gestapo, given that they were the victims of the Nazis.

          19. There are two new Gestapos in this country: LGBTQ and college students. Intolerant of opposing views, and willing to use violence to silent dissent. That is virtually the definition of Nazism.

          20. Hey moron, progressives go after any “bakery” or establishment that engages in bigotry, regardless of background. Bigot apologists like yourself simply sit on internet forums attempting to think of “clever” false scenarios that exist only in your small brains to satisfy your willful ignorance.

          21. Exactly!

            And there are 2 sides, fiscal and social.
            Fiscally they are Socialists which I am personally totally against.

            Socially I am a liberal. The leftists are nothing like me.

          22. Let me guess, you’re a bigot apologist? You think Trump is a “good President?” It doesn’t matter honestly. Your regressive crowd will be marginalized soon enough. Your little time in the sun is ending soon. Night night fascist.

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    1. Not to all, but that lowest common denominator is Kimmel’s audience. He’s not good enough any more to talk to the smarter ones.

      1. This rube “Rodney” likely follows Fox “news,” Infowars, and Breitbart. Rodney’s opinion on what he deems “smart” is not only irrelevant, it’s laughable.

    2. You mean like when Trump actually said: “No puppet, no puppet. You’re the puppet,” during an actual presidential debate?

        1. No, more like when Obama said that in Austria they speak Austrian and corpsman is pronounced like corpse. Or when he talked about the British Embassy and called it the English Embassy. To say nothing of USA has 57 states, and many, many more.

  2. I guess there’s an audience for cranky old scolds who are absolutely convinced they’re funny. David Letterman’s departure from late “nite” left a hole that needed filling.

    1. It clearly never got filled, since Dave’s lined up to do a new late night show. Of course, Dave was just another filler of the void left by Carson (even though he technically didn’t succeed Carson). The end of Carson was the beginning of the demise of late night TV.

  3. lol. I smoke liberals in debates in my sleep. They are pure emotion, employ zero logic or reason, and are utterly void of any listening comprehension. They are much like children, with similar level of reasoning ability and an identical penchant for believing what they want to be true. Pure emotionalism.

    1. You “smoke” liberals? I thoroughly doubt that considering that part of your name “Patriot” carries an implication of nationalism, which by definition is a primitive exercise in emotional allegiance to one’s perceived nation or culture. I suspect you’re prone to chanting mindless slogans such as, “USA, USA,” or “Lock her up.” It’s somewhat absurd how easy it is for one to perform a brief yet accurate psychoanalysis on cognitively challenged individuals such as yourself. After all, your limited intelligence capacity burdens your ability to reason within any logical arena, thus you’re likely to support laughing stock candidates like Trump. The most amusing observation is that you seem to actually believe that you are informed, and logically driven.

  4. It’s a shame. I remember Kimmel well from “Win Ben Stein’s Money.” I always appreciated that he seemed to be laughing with the guests instead of at them, in stark contrast to his replacement, Nancy Pimental.

    I can’t really (just) point the finger at either Kimmel or Pimental, though. I’m tired—and I think a broad swath of Americans of all political stripes are tired—of the past few decades of invective standing in for intelligence, of wordsmithing standing in for wisdom, of platitudes standing in for principles. It’s spiritually and psychologically corrosive, and emotionally exhausting.

    1. “It’s spiritually and psychologically corrosive, and emotionally exhausting.”

      That right there. Before right now, I’ve never been able to put it this succinctly. Literally and truly perfect; poetic, even.

      Thank you.

  5. Kimmel only thinks he’s intelligent because he has others write his lines and he interviews idiots like Obama and other Hollywood celebrities. By comparison even a monkey would look smart.

    edit: Sorry, didn’t mean to disparage monkeys.

    1. He is not intelligent at all. He is an idiot on intellectual life support via Chuck Schumer and the rest of the idiot leftist clown car.

  6. Just another guy who hates my America – I don’t watch him anymore. When did he give up on the “guess what’s in my pants” routine?

  7. I’d like to hear what Kimmel’s libertarian/conservative good buddy Adam Carolla, the one who pals around these days with Dennis Prager, thinks about his old friend’s nascent Communism. I can’t imagine they still see eye to eye on much … I bet Kimmel’s annual Super Bowl party at his home had a few uncomfortable moments.

    1. Communism?

      Trump refuses to sanction Russia. His staff has been indicted and pled guilty for lying about connection to Russia.

      And Kimmel is a communist??


      1. Russia is more of a constitutionally based authoritarian republic. The days of communist Russia are over. I would argue that the post modernist paternalism that Kimmel supports has traces of communist ideology in it. I would not say he is a communist though, I doubt he could explain Marxist or Bolshevik ideals if you asked him to.

    2. Only someone who lacks intellectual curiosity (like yourself) would be concerned what an insignificant tv personality like Adam Carolla thinks.

  8. Good points, nice take on a vacant shell. Sinking ship.
    BTW: The phrase is “beside the point”, not “besides”. Don’t do that.

  9. When comedians become more and more full of themselves and drift farther and farther away from their origins, they become less and less funny to a broad audience. Comedy is usually funny to us when its fresh. If you see a comedian too many times in a short period you will discover that you have heard most of the jokes before and will laugh less and less.

    When these guys keep doing Trump “joke” after Trump “joke” its like a sorry old fighter telegraphing his punches, everyone knows what is coming. Most late night hosts in the past knew enough to keep their monologues short and topical and to shuffle the jokes around. Today, they have one tool and that’s a Gallagher size hammer.

  10. Has Adam Carolla spoken on this ugly transformation of his friend? I haven’t seen anything anywhere, but I don’t get to listen to Adam’s podcast much unless I’m travelling. Seems he’d be horrified, but you know Hollywood…

  11. Kimmel Rye is a dyed-in-the-wool communist. Liberalism is as dead as journalism.

    If he gets any more radical, he’ll starting reader the Communist Manifesto to his lapdog audience.

  12. Jimmy Fallon doesn’t lean left? He’s the only one who does.

    What the rest do can’t be described as “leaning.”

  13. Does he still do that bit where he makes fun of a Mexican? I found him to be pretty funny 13 years ago. Haven’t watched since.

  14. It does not require intelligence to be a liberal; it requires arrogance and self righteousness and Kimmel like so many other leftist morons have those qualities.

    1. Trump loves the poorly educated!

      Being poorly educated is a high indication you vote Republican.

      Cuz only stupid people get educated.

      Smart people don’t need school.

      1. I am very well educated. The left hates middle America and is responsible for the erosion of religious and academic freedom in this country. Trump was being sarcastic in his comment. But when Obama said that people clings to their guns and religion he was expressing leftist hatred for those who really make this country work.

      2. It makes me sigh inside whenever people start using education as a qualifier for political astuteness. Education is not synonymous with intelligence. Nor is intelligence a qualifier for rights. Every citizen, regardless of race, creed, education or intelligence has a right to participate in society without molestation. This idea that somehow being educated makes you better or more qualified to have opinions is paternalistic, extremely discriminatory and just plain ugly.

      3. All those ghettos with 8th grade educations which vote 90% Democrat is not an indication poorly educated people vote Republican. Sometimes liberals say the craziest things.

      4. This is quite honestly the dumbest thing I’ve read in this entire thread. That makes your comment, and by extension you, even dumber than the comments, and by extension their authors, who have written some absolutely stupid things in this thread.

        I hope that makes you question yourself, because you could use some self-reflection.

    1. I would actually disagree in Kimmel’s case. The guy is funny, though over the past year I’ve found that I’m less and less willing to consume his entertainment due to his increasingly overt liberal bias. The sad thing is that Kimmel’s not the only one. I similarly refuse to consume the entertainment of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck (happily, his younger brother Casey is both less political and a better actor), and others due to this. And I honestly don’t care how liberal they are. They could be as liberal as they want, so long as they keep their opinions to themselves, or at least engage with respect, rather than with some strange act like they’re smarter than others because they’re famous, and I’d be happy to consume. That they can’t separate their political bent from their entertainment is what causes me to conclude that I need to avoid giving them the money and publicity they use to erode my beliefs.

  15. Kimmel has to kiss up to his rich Hollywood neighbors or he won’t get invited to the parties, and his wife didn’t marry him for his looks, so he better get invited to those parties!

  16. Kimmel wants people to be able to abort a baby up until the cord is cut, but he also wants everyone to treat his child as the second coming!

      1. Supporting abortion on demand at any time until delivery IS murdering babies, at some point. If you support that, you support murdering babies. Simple as that.

        1. No one I know does. I assume you support family planning and sex education to prevent pregnancy, and support for mothers without means to raise their non-aborted children?

          1. I support adoption. Too bad the national social workers association opposes transracial adoption, which can affect as much as 40% of the adoptable population in this country. And if no one supports late 2nd and 3rd term abortions for non-therapeutic reasons, how was Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia able to preform over 500 before he got caught, when a female patient died during one. And, why did the late George Tiller brag about having done over 1000 at an AMA Convention in Kansas City in 2008? That boast, when published, led to his death a year later. Here in California, the poor get virtually cradle-to-grave support. That is why we’re about to go bankrupt, even with the world’s 7th largest economy. A single mother with two kids can make as much as 32,000/year tax free. That is the equivalent of 60,000 in the real economy.

      2. Perhaps you didn’t read the Dem platform from the convention and their desire to also make the public pay for said abortions.
        Perhaps you also missed the recent vote where Dems killed the bill that would disallow abortions at the age where it is scientifically proven that babies feel pain… just keep ramming spikes in their little heads and dismembering them slowly is what you advocate Seahawk. Keep patting yourself on the back though for the illogical hoops you jump through to ignore science.

  17. Lol at Kimmel. “A certain intelligence is required. . . .” So says the dropout from a third rate university? To get into ASU you basically have to be able to fog a mirror.

    1. Um. The poorly educated are the back bone of Trumps RedHat followers. Screw you Mr Elite school. Just cuz someone does not have a GED makes them smart…not stupid. Got it??!!

      1. Kimmel is the medieval equivalent of the dancing fool at court. Like most of the empty-headed actors/hangers-on in Hollywood et al.

        Where does he get off feeling superior to anything higher up the evolutionary scale than a sponge.

      2. Wait a minute. Just a little further up, you were talking about how it’s the educated who are liberals. Now you’re getting all uppity over somebody who’s more educated than Kimmel for not being a liberal. I’m now no longer certain which way you actually go on this, but I am certain of one thing: if you have a degree from any institution, even a community college, then you’re a perfect example of a person whose degree outpaces their intellect.

        GOT IT??!!

      3. I think Trump voters knew exactly what they were doing.. preventing the most hapless and corrupt candidate in history from occupying the WH. She cheated and screwed Bernie over, used the very anti-democratic super-delegates to max advantage, and she lied publicly, repeatedly despite knowing evidence proved her lying.
        Thank goodness all those uneducated Obama states flipped to Trump.

    1. But winners. Don’t forget, winners. In fact, some of us are (almost) getting tired of all this winning. Thanks to our Very Stable Genius.

    2. yeah, cause you know all of them, right tool? trust me, in your circle of friends and family are some who hide their conservatism, specifically to avoid your scorn and insult. but when they pull that lever, they pull right….

    3. I would be curious to know what a right winger is according to your personal definition. Are they dislikable because they differ with you on one or more policy positions? Or do you think they all just have terrible personalities? The latter would be highly illogical as you would have to personally know literally every “right winger”.

  18. Isn’t His Smugness in for the shock of his life. I doubt his vaunted liberal “intelligence” will allow him to process the extent of the smackdown his leftist heroes are about to get. He’ll likely be left a gibbering denier that Obama, Clinton & Co did all those nasty things, even as they are perp-walked after a fair trial.

  19. As a mother of a child with an unfixable handicap who then, tragically, died, never did my husband nor I think ourselves experts on the subject of healthcare. My husband is an ivy-league educated professional in the health field but never would he attempt to lecture the public, the citizenry on how his tragedy should be borne. Kimmel’s arrogance is embarrassing but, worse for a Hollywood type, it’s cheesy.

  20. Why are late night show hosts progressives? That’s their audience. Who else can stay up late and sleep in the next day…certainly not hard working people with responsibilities.

  21. When you want to make people laugh, acting more like Keith Olbermann is not the way to go. The entertainment world is such an echo chamber. Throw in a contagious mental disorder like political correctness and a dash of race and gender dogma, and pretty soon, you’ve got an ideologue.

    With the notable exception of Stephen Colbert, political comics (Bill Maher, Helen Cho, Sarah Silverman and Samantha Bee) are almost never funny. Even the great George Carlin was at his unfunniest when he took the political route. The laughs turn to cheers – but the cheers only come from those who agree. Same thing happened to Letterman – He got liberal and not coincidentally, more mean. Even Dennis Miller, who made a hard turn to the right, is less funny as a result – He’s all anger and outrage, rather than just laughs.

    I’ll take Jimmy Fallon, Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Regan…guys like that any day, over a preachy condescending political type.

  22. kimmel is just another comedian/musician/actor who somehow believes he knows better. he’s a policy expert, because he stands in front of a television camera each day. just like joy behar, another policy expert.


    what kimmel is, is a rich, insular, self-directed little twerp, a man arrogant enough to bleat on subjects he knows literally nothing about. another caustic liberal that sees fit to publicly insult and ridicule those he disagrees with. he’ll be left with an audience of fawning millennial idiots and clueless old hippies. good riddance, a-****

  23. Comrade Kimmel knows that there big socialist wave coming. He wants to be on the side of victors, for they have no mercy.

  24. Jimmy Kimmel is an embarassing clown. Johnny Carson would slap him upside his stupid liberal head if he were alive today.

  25. I actually think it is pretty sad. I used to like Kimmel, Franken and Stewart. It seems like once a comedian embraces left wing politics (maybe any serious politics) they just stop being funny. He, like the others I named, just seem bitter and sad, not funny. It is a shame because they stand in the way of other real comedians working in the high visibility jobs they occupy.

  26. And the right is finally treating these spitheads with the disdain they deserve and the disdain they have long expressed for the conservative right . We have too long been civil to these animals . No longer they must be crushed verbally, socially ,politically and financially, by any means necessary . No justice ,no peace.

  27. Maybe it was his 2 surgeries on his manhood? He’s a little too young to hit mid-life. His success probably marinated him in the company of Hollywood liberals and thus he succumbed to the Stockholm Syndrome.

  28. And Jimmy exhibits such courage by being a liberal in Hollywood . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. “”DIVERSITY”” indeed.

  29. As comedian Owen Benjamin pointed out, if the audience laughs, you are doing comedy, if the audience applauds, most likely you are pushing propaganda. Kimmel probably gets more applause than laughs. Disgusting transformation of the self righteous

    1. True, although there are exceptions. Sometimes a funny comment about some everyday nuisance that everyone has experienced will get applause rather than laughs. But if you get more applause than laughs, then you’re not really a comedian.

      The thing is Kimmel has become a bigot and needs to be identified that way. People wringing their hands about how unfair it is does nothing. The whole vogue these day is bigots pretending they aren’t. They need to be brought back to earth and reminded that they’re really no better than their 1950’s cousins.

  30. It’s sad and funny at the same time. As a good comedian, Kimmel used to be able to actually say things. As a bad politician, all he can do is preach to the choir and tell it what it wants to hear. I saw him in an article the other day boasting about how he didn’t talk to people he disagreed with and didn’t want to. Yeah, I’ll BET he doesn’t want to. He’d be challenged in ways he no longer has the mental skills to respond to. It is sad. But it’s also funny, and to honor the comedian Kimmel used to be, I think it’s appropriate to laugh at him.

  31. “Fellow late nighter Stephen Colbert once said, “reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

    The real truth is that Colbert’s emotions have a liberal bias, and he’s fudged the facts around him to make them fit his emotions for so long that he’s no longer conscious of doing it.

  32. I used to enjoy Kimmel’s show, but no longer….I now have a simple policy. I watch entertainers (late night shows, singers, actors, etc.) to be entertained and not politically lectured. Their ideas carry no more weight to me than any other “regular”, average person. If you give me a political lecture, I won’t watch your movie, tv show, etc. I will not help you to finance your political agenda.

    1. I wouldn’t even mind a political lecture as long as it’s not delivered by a bigoted idiot who hates everything he doesn’t understand. I can’t learn anything from that except how not to act.

  33. Gee what changed in America that made Jimmy more political? …Hmmm, that is a conundrum. Maybe is was the attack in our Democracy by a wanna be Despot named Trump. The author would prefer Jimmy stick his head in the sand, like Fallon, and not bother while the Caligula in the White House burns down the country. I SAY NUTS…GO FOR IT JIMMY, COLBERT, SETH, ETC.

  34. OK, so he is an a**hole. As if everyone in America, regardless of whether you’re left or right, doesn’t know that. The Man Show insulted the left. His current gig insults the right.

    He plays your fantasies out for you, for money.

    Isn’t that the basis of the World’s Oldest Profession?

  35. Kimmel is actually very moderate. He only seems liberal when compared with Trump and the GOP going off the (hard right) deep end.

  36. Kimmel is what is known as a “putz.” What happens when an ignoramus pretends to be the smartest guy in the room.

      1. If you took the blinders off, you’d realize the current potus is dragging the Republican party left on DACA, on spending, and family leave, etc… stop investing in the shallow politics of partisan warfare.

        1. This “president” has maybe three defining features: the first is narcissistic personality disorder; the second is pathological dishonesty; and the third is a complete lack of both wisdom and knowledge. Trusting him on anything is foolish.

          1. You know exactly what I’m referencing….Like it or not……its President Trump….no quotations marks needed.

          2. LOL
            That’s funny. Real presidents win the actual national vote and do so without the help of the Russian government 🙂

  37. All the thoughtful and intelligent white men like Kimmel have had enough of the freakish extremism of Trump’s Republican party. To anyone who is not a complete moron, the Democrats are the only responsible choice.

  38. Jimmy Kimmel and his junk ideology is a front. Jimmy Kimmel is 50. We all know what that means. He’s now eligible to be sht canned overnight for a younger, more hip, and funny guy. So, he’s looking for his being sht canned excuse: “They fired me because of my politics.” In reality, no one under the age of 40 identifies with this guy anymore. He’s become a relic.

    1. No, it’s really not funny at all. It just proves my point that right-wingers are not capable of good humor because they do not get sarcasm and they lack self-awareness.

  39. I no longer waste a single moment on late night talk shows. They are all garbage in my eyes. I have no respect for anyone who continually bashes, not only our president, but anyone who leans the slightest bit right of center. Most of their rants are lies and they won’t look at or hear anything that might be proof that what they say is a lie.

      1. I stopped watching/listening to late night talk when they stopped being entertaining in favor of being political and bashing anyone. The real late night talk show hosts were Johnny Carson and Joey Bishop. They knew how to entertain without being rude, crude and disgusting.

        1. Too many modern “comedians” are rude, crude and disgusting without even being funny. You make a good point.

          1. Exactly, why I have avoided comedians for more than 40 years. The last time I heard a truly funny comedian was at a Y’s Men’s Club Steak Dinner, with my husband. The speaker was a local comedian and could have everyone practically rolling on the floor without ever being rude or crude. That was in 1968.

            I did have the pleasure of calling that man friend for many years after. He was “always” telling a joke. Comedy was not his 1st job, just a side job he loved. Occasionally, he would open for other comedians passing through town and did a few openings in Las Vegas for the “rich and famous” comedians. One day, he told me a joke that I am certain he wrote. Several years later, I heard that joke again delivered by Rosie O’Donnell in a new movie. Sadly, since then Rose became one of the truly crude ones.

            If it is rude, crude or insulting to anyone, it is NOT funny.

  40. Not a fair representation. Trump is just so ridiculous that just by describing his policies, one comes across as being hard left. I don’t agree with joking about grabbing women by the genitals, throwing people off health care, ending DACA with nothing in place, just to force through a stupid wall. That’s not left wing. That’s just calling out a fool.

  41. Kimmel will do whatever gets him a paycheck. Right now it is being a liberal progressive. Since his show runs third to Colbert and Fallon, Kimmel should be worrying about his job, but when you are a hard left liberal then you can keep your job as long as you keep spewing the correct politics. And Kimmel does want to keep his job despite the ratings and if that means being a shill for the progressives. then so be it.

  42. JK makes his income by trying to be comedic about politics he does not agree with. Great, that his job. I hope he keeps it funny. Not funny is targeting religious groups. His writers have produced a bigoted intolerant segment mocking Jesus and those who choose to believe in that. I think the writers need more imagination.

  43. There is an internet buzz challenging Kimmel to debate Shapiro and raise $500,000 for a children’s charity, St. Jude.
    Turn up the heat on Kimmel folks, Shapiro tweeted game on and it is now in Jimmy’s court. Shapiro will eat his lunch and that little tidbit about progressive comedians being so much more intelligent than others will get thrown right out the door in the first 2 minutes.

  44. Aww, too bad. Cry some more snowflake. Intelligent people won’t support bigotry, misogyny, or willful ignorance, hence we will not support a game show host that rubes voted for to become president.

  45. Reading the commentary below by the benighted right wing followers of this laughable website, a leftist can’t help but be consumed in elation by the inevitable marginalization that will befall your shrinking demographic.

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