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Gay Groups Silent on Kimmel’s Homophobic Jokes

The late night star's ugly jokes didn't spark a Cancel Culture attack ... why?

GLAAD has a long history of holding comedians accountable for perceived gay slights.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation hounded Adam Carolla following comments he made regarding the transgender community in 2011. Carolla’s apology proved insufficient to GLAAD.

That same year, the organization declared war against Tracy Morgan after the “30 Rock” star ranted that he would stab his son if he admitted to being gay during a stand-up performance.

Tracy Morgan speaks out in support of LGBT people in Nashville

Morgan eventually worked with GLAAD on a series of events aimed at increasing awareness of attacks against the gay community.

GLAAD dubbed a 2011 “Saturday Night Live” skit “transphobic” for featuring “men with facial hair as transgender women in a mock commercial for estrogen-replacement therapy called “Estro-Maxxx.”

The group similarly blasted comedy icon Jerry Lewis three years earlier when the aging star called cricket a “fag” sport.

So when Jimmy Kimmel hurled homophobic jokes at Fox News’ Sean Hannity GLAAD’s angry response seemed inevitable.

Only it never came.

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Here’s a sample of Kimmel’s gay-centric attacks on Hannity [warning: adult language]:

A search for “Kimmel” on the GLAAD web site comes up empty in connection to his recent comments. HiT reached out to GLAAD for reaction to Kimmel’s comments as well as a homophobic joke Tweeted by Chelsea Handler.

No response.

GLAAD wasn’t the only gay rights group to stay mum on the issue. The National LGBTQ Task Force didn’t return a request for comment. Nor did the Human Rights Campaign.

A representative with Human Rights Watch fired off a response early Monday even though this reporters’s deadline was COB that day:

“Unfortunately our researchers are not available to comment on this.”

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Most mainstream press reports on the Kimmel/Hannity feud initially downplayed the former’s homophoboic jokes. One notable exception? The liberal Daily Beast.

Why do “progressive” comedians so readily jump to homophobic jokes when it comes to mocking conservatives? Either insinuating that they like receiving anal sex via bottoming—or any other homosexual sex act—is the surefire way to knock someone down a peg. Because insisting that they’re gay must be the ultimate insult, right? Because the insinuation that a man might want to have sex with another man is somehow funny. The act itself is comical.

Kimmel attempted to end the feud Sunday via an apology painting himself as the victim. Hannity accepted Kimmel’s tortured mea culpa.

Sean Hannity on Jimmy Kimmel's apology

Only then did some other media outlets dub his gags offensive – but with very little outrage. So why couldn’t gay rights groups at the very least condemn the comments?

Here’s a theory: Both Kimmel and Handler are liberals. They spend considerable time fighting conservatives on behalf of progressive causes. Kimmel in particular has become a hero to the Left. Media outlets routinely share his vitriol against President Trump and the GOP in general.

That offered each a protection of sorts other comics wouldn’t receive.

That “Outrage Double Standard” is progressive par for the course. When TBS ribbed Hillary Clinton as a “hyena” Samantha Bee demanded an apology. TBS quickly obliged.

Yet conservative women are routinely harassed, attacked and mocked in the cruelest ways possible without a whimper of protest from NOW or other women’s rights groups.

It turns out not all outrage is created equal.


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