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Whedon Warns Trump May Start Killing Gay People

The #resistance has no greater friend than Joss Whedon.

The director of “The Avengers” is one of Hollywood’s most vocal critics of the Trump administration. He did all he could to stop the real estate mogul from becoming president.

He directed the infamous “Save the Day” voter PSAs from 2016. Whedon leaned on his celebrity rolodex to caution voters against Trump. The star-studded ad featured Robert Downey, Jr., Don Cheadle, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo and other A-list actors.

It didn’t work, despite Whedon spending $1 million of his own cash to bankroll the videos.

Now, he uses Twitter to warn the masses about potential abuses of presidential power … and more. It hasn’t always gone smoothly.

A few weeks ago he admitted the fight against Team Trump had left him “broken.”Β Since then, he’s resumed his political messaging. Today’s Tweet, though, could be his most aggressive statement yet.

He linked to a story about gay people reportedly being killed simply for their sexual preference.

Authorities in the southern Russian republic of Chechnya have reportedly kidnapped dozens of gay men in the past month and killed at least three as part of an roundup ordered against LGBT people there.

As horrific as that sounds, Whedon suggests it could soon be worse for gay people stateside.

For the record, Trump has been more open to the LGBT community than other GOP leaders. He reportedly appointed an openly gay man, Rick Grenell, as a NATO ambassador. He leans on adviser Peter Thiel, the openly gay co-founder of PayPal. And Trump told CBS late last year he was “fine” with same-sex marriage being legal in the U.S.

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  1. “2010 Dems lost the House
    2012 Dems lost the Senate
    2016 Dems lost the White House
    2017 Dems lost ability to reason”

    Joss Whedon is *insane*, hope he gets professional mental health help ASAP,

      1. He did, albeit briefly. But he really has gone around the bend into Crazytown. You know the bend, right? The one in the horror movies where the creepy music is playing, and you just know something bad is awaiting.

    1. The only people killing gays are muslim terrorists the democrats flooded the US with (think Orlando).

      Whedon strongly supports these gay murderers. Whedon ferociously opposes Trump’s attempts to temporarily halt th influx of IslamoNazis. So Whedon is not insane, he is just the usual total projection democrat liar. Simple minded fools and CNN viewers believe deceivers like Whedon.

      1. Joss Whedan IS what he suggests of President Trump. How nice… you’d think liberal arts airheads would know what ‘projection’ is.

        1. Yawn…. you’re living in a liberal fantasy-land. I seem to remember 50 innocent gays being massacred in Orlando by a Muslim extremist. You don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re boring.

          1. no duh, phuckface, but you cannot attribute a lie as his reasoning just because it fits in with your own prejudices

          2. Phucktard, you’re so damned stupid it doesn’t matter what anyone says. You’re lost in a swirl of hatred and bigotry, just like your friend the shooter. You’ve made no point other than you’re stupid and racist.

          3. Wow, you went full moronic retard with that comment, little penis man. Show us on the doll where daddy touched you, bud.

          4. Dumbshit… he still hated gays… just as Muslims abroad murder gays, and Christians, and non-subservient women. Who gives a shit? He was rife with hate… just as YOU are, bigot. Perhaps the FBI should watch you… of course, you’re probably just a big-mouthed coward who wouldn’t dare confront an opposing viewpoint face to face.

          5. so your Daddy, a practicing Muslim, molested you from age two? Is that what Im reading here? Why all the hate, anonymous online coward? My name is Norman Dostal-I reply with my real name. You reply anonymously because youre just some silly dumb bittch at home on his Momma’s computer in her trailer, wacking off to gay porn because youre closeted and self hate because youre fat and poor and uneducated. Did I get it all in?

      1. Norman Dostal,

        Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved !! Turn from your homosexual lifestyle before it’s too late. Do you not know that homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven ? The Lord wants no one to perish, but all to come to repentance. I will pray for you!

  2. Chechnya is majority Muslim. Perhaps that has something to do with the gay killings. Yet Whedon would prefer to see more Muslims in the US. I guess that’s supposed to be good for gays.

    1. There are 12 countries that have laws allowing the death penalty for LGBT defendants. Wanna guess how many off these are majority Musl… ALL 12 (couldn’t help myself).

      Still searching Joss’ Twitter where he condemns a gay man being tossed from the highest building in Pakistan, linking to horrific pics of the victim tied up and blindfolded before being tossed over… I’m sure he’s mentioned it, just might take forever to find…

        1. Liberal fantasyland… and you think there are bands of armed Christian kooks roaming the countryside killing gays. I guess once one deludes themselves to the point that they think Saudi Arabia has now become San Francisco you’ll believe ANYTHING. Pathetic.

  3. The best thing that anyone can do to fight the Progressive Socialist agenda is to use the same tatics that they use. One of them being to refuse to give any monies to movietheater outlets showing his films. Not just boycotting his films, but all movies at the theaters showing his trash until they stop showing his “work” of sleazy actors pretending to be more than entertainers. Like everyone else they have thier opinions and assholes.

          1. that joke is as old as your vag, dude-try something smarter-like a Yo momma joke…

          2. youre not even trying. Come on-step out of your trailer, pull up your overalls and be a b ig boy. Come on! You dont want to be single and jobless forever right? show some moxy, Bubba!

          3. You got caught deliberately lying about Orlando jihadi murderer, and you got caught using pre-Orlando and pre-B’dino stats – always used by Islamophile slime of your kind – in an effort to mount a defense of Muslim savagery, you are sick in the head,

          4. Then there was Moore OK, AR, Boston, Ft. Hood. Trolls can google complete lists of the terrorism that happened under Obama if they really wanted to. Just because he called it “workplace violence” doesn’t make it so, right?

          5. about 100 people were killed by Muslims in the usa-bug deal. There are thousands upon thousands killed by radical white Christians in the USA

          6. Hmmm…. are you saying radical white Christians in the USA are running the Planned Parenthood abortion mills? That’s the only way you’re statement above is true. You’re an idiot and a liar.

          7. nope-father and wife said he wasn’t devout. Youre purposely being a Muslim phobic piece of shiitt-why so angry at them? There are over a billion of them -you think theyre all bad? did you Muslim dad touch you or something?

          8. Yes, you did get caught lying like a brain-dead Islamophile piece of *absolutely worthless* detritus that you are,

          9. “There are thousands upon thousands killed by radical white Christians in the USA” OF COURSE YOU LIE

          10. Tourette’s Liberal…. astonishing debating skills. It’s a meltdown… can’t hold his own… foundering in a tide of reason… and boring.

  4. It is a ridiculous idea, that Trump is going to start killing gay people! Ever been to one of his hotels or casinos, or golf clubs? I have. Trump employees hundreds of gay and lesbians in his businesses. Who do you think dominates the Event Planners, Food Service and Customer Service staffs at Trump’s lucrative hotels and casino establishments? Who entertains the patrons of his businesses? Many, are gay and they are treated as they should be and paid well for their work.

    Not long ago, Rob (Meathead) Reiner opined on BSNBC, that Trump will soon start “rounding-up Jews.” Right! He’s going to “round-up” half of his family? Where’s he going to put all those Jews, he “rounds-up?” So, will he “round-up” all the gays first, or will it be the Jews?

    1. Trump is proving to be the most gay friendly president that we have had in office for a long time. This idea that he is going to round up specific groups is just beyond ludicrous. Besides, it was their iconic hero FDR who did the rounding up and internment of the Japanese during the War. Not the republicans.

  5. This is the best “dog-whistle” Joss Whedon could come up with? If so, I reckon the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) crowd is running out of gas.

  6. Maybe if Whedon would just go sit in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard, pour a can of gasoline over himself and set himself on fire, I might listen. Until then, please STFU with your insane liberal rants.

  7. I was a part of that decision on November 8, 2016. I voted for Donald J. Trump. I am Trump, We are Trump, We are the real America. Oh, and by the way. . . Joss who?

      1. “hes a big successful director, little tard”

        He’s a moron,

        also you don’t have to sign your posts,

          1. youre so funny-=keep repeating that same joke over and over and over over…Retard (“no need to sign your posts, sugar”)

          2. You misspelled “he’s”, failed to capitalize the first letter in your sentence, and left out the period, douchebag.

          3. no, dumdum, you don’t have to use punctuation in colloquial English (which are what posts are)-ignorant titt

      2. Doesn’t mean he still isn’t the mayor of Crazytown. One thing has nothing to do with the other when it comes to liberals.

      1. “his movies are pretty awesome, dumdum” Again, no need to sign your posts, sweetie, we can all see what you are,

          1. Why do you keep repeating the same lies over and over in every post? “white radical Christians” blah blah blah… you’re a sub-normal bigot and a racist and everything you’ve posted is a lie or moronic or both. Yawn… we’re done here.

          2. promise? please go away-youre embarrassing yourself. Idiot-you really think you know more than a gay activist about crimes committed against gays? No wonder your wife left you, youre unemployed and youre in a trailer!

          3. You are pathetic. You are an asinine fool. I’ve never actually encountered someone as galacticly stupid as you are. You cannot believe what you write… I can’t accept that anyone is that foolish. I can only assume you’re being purposefully provocative. You don’t know anything about anything… just what the Democrat Underground tells you to write. Your precious gay activist is LYING, because that’s what they do to stir up turmoil. And the fact that you believe it proves your intelligence tank is empty (maybe someone can explain that one to you, too.) Talk away, fool… you’re only a hazard to yourself.

    1. You’re absolutely right on the second half of that sentence. I can’t support the first though — but then that part is certainly a matter of opinion. I used to really be a fan of this guy, but I have to wonder if all that work in fantasy is really healthy. Apparently, he has completely lost touch with reality πŸ™

    2. His movies are awesome–but that’s almost the punch line. His movies and shows are all to one CONSERVATIVE/LIBERTARIAN! He’s of two minds–his artistic mind is Right, his political mind is Far Left. And as such, he’s been driven insane.

      He’s ideologically schizo.

  8. There isn’t the slightest bit of evidence to support these bizarre claims, and if anything, Trump will turn out to be what he already is: a better friend to the LGBT community than Obama or Hillary. That won’t stop the madness, unfortunately. What these people end up looking like is a bunch of attention whores, each looking to outdo the last one.

  9. Joss Whedon desperately needs to see a good shrink/therapist and work out whatever his issues are. Figure out why he needs to create boogeymen vice deal with reality.

  10. I would normally argue against censorship, firing, tarring and feathering, running out of town on a rail, involuntary confinement, etc., but this Joss Whedon has rightly earned such and must be rewarded his due.

    What a sick, sad, small, silly man! What a bizarre and insane statement! What a country!

    1. Don’t buy his product. Write letters to his company. Let them know that they are not the majority.

          1. actually, year they are-there’s been what-two incidents in the USA our of 3.3 million Muslims (hint-facts are your friend)

          2. I said no. You cannot change truth. You obviously don’t know anyone outside the trailer park. Maybe go to a mosque and meet some-they’re better people than you

          3. You’re kidding, right? “I’m rubber… you’re glue…” You’ve got no skills. And have you ever even MET a Christian. From the piles of dog crap you’ve been posting that slanders better people than you obviously are, I’d guess no, you haven’t.

          4. Orlando, San Bernardino, Ft. Hood, Boston, Moore OK, Arkansas. Just to name a few that were muslim and happened during the era of Obama.

          5. ok that’s about 100 people. And those are all of them-there are no others- What about Waco? OK city bombing? Newtown? Remember, you are more likely to be killed by a radical white Christian person in the USA, a 1000 times more than you are by a Muslim. You are more likely to be struck by lightning than be killed by a Muslim in the USA

          6. Yep, liberal meltdown in progress. He pretends to make an argument with ‘facts’ but results in flinging what he thinks are personal insults to bolster his pretend superiority. A moron is a moron is a moron…

          7. im conservative, dumb asss. Who is melting down? Your islamophobia is pretty gross

          8. Islamophobia? What the hell are you talking about, dumbass? Idiots like you shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard.

          9. im talking about your defense of the original comment, you ignorant titt.. Now please go away, phuckface-I wasn’t even talking to you

          10. You’re just adorable, you insignificant little twerp. Don’t flatter yourself. You haven’t the mental gasoline to fill a thimble.

          11. Of course YOU don’t understand it… which makes my point exactly. Don’t worry, everyone else got it.

          12. Lol, dummy low-info Islamophile cites pre-Orlando and pre-San B’dino stats, how pathetic you can be really,

          13. I’m done arguing with that fucktard Norman… it is precisely like have a discussion with a steaming pile of shit. He is obviously ignorant. Good luck.

        1. If anything, they’re enablers. The French Resistance (not the libtard idiots who’ve glommed onto the moniker) could only work if the general population went about their business, providing cover. THIS is the Westen Muslim. I don’t see but damn few of them denouncing the barbarism and insanity of the extremists. Extremists who murder adulterous women, disobedient daughters, or shoot up gay nightclubs.

          1. theyre not enablers-it isn’t their responsibility to police their fellow believers. Youre a little ignorant about Muslims’ denouncing extremism. Tens of thousands denounced the Pulse nightclub horror

          2. Geez, you’re a thirteen year old who had discovered ‘big boy words’. THEY ARE ENABLERS.

          3. so all white Christians are enabling the white Christians who commit 75% of all crime in the USA? Man, youre an idiotic twatwaffle!

          1. no, douche pussyface-as I said, western Muslims commit .001% of all crimes in western countries

          2. They are, bigoted POS! There are 3.5 million Muslims in the USA-name ten that have committed murder-go on-lets hear it, douchey McFuckface

          3. You’re having too much fun being a whiny crybaby, so I’m done. You’re a bigot and racist… you paint ‘white Christians’ with a fire hose but expect everyone to parse the violence inherent to Islam with tweezers. You’re an idiot and you bore me.

            By the way, you don’t have to sign your posts…. πŸ™‚

  11. That is some pathologically stupid shit from Whedon. And anyone else that actually thinks such a thing would happen.
    As for Whedon somehow being somehow qualified as ‘Resistance’, he’s said out of his own mouth that he favors the ‘Alliance’ totalitarian government, that his ‘Browncoats’ were essentially a lampoon.





      1. Ummm evidence? Or do you mean a car accident where the victim was gay and the old lady driving was Christian?

        There are 12 countries that have laws allowing the death penalty for LGBT. Wanna guess how many are Mus… ALL 12 (couldn’t help myself).

        You must be the type that decries the latest white cop shooting a black man, yet oddly silent about the continuing gang violence in Chicago.

        1. google it-transgender person are the single most killed and beaten group in the USA -ten times over any other group
          Nope-there are actually ten and none of them actively put gays to death anymore. What is your point? Those are not our countries and Muslims in the states are not violent.
          A cop shooting any innocent person of any color is wrong-who cares what color they are?
          Gang violence in Chicago? what does that-?

          1. Black on black gang violence which has nothing to do with gays. Who poured the liquid stupid on your cornflakes this morning?

      2. Not really, no,

        meanwhile one single Muslim in the name of his so-called prophet and his Caliph killed 50 in less than an hour in Orlando,

          1. He explicitly did it in the name of his religion, sweetie,

          2. no, bittch, he did not. His wife said he wasn’t religious, as did his dad. He was a self hating gay person

          3. I have to admit, the fifth time you repeated the same “no need to sign your posts” joke was REALLY funny!

          4. not debunked-his own wife said she thinks hes gay-it wasntt debunked-FBI just didn’t find enough evidence

          5. Sure thing, sweetie, let’s blindly trust the wife, no need for evidence, you are *so* smart,

          6. Norman is an absolute bigoted idiot. In his fantasy, gays are murdered by white radical Christians… no evidence… he just has a feeling, I guess. These libtard fools label themselves ‘resistance’… resistance from what; a lawful transfer of power? Their adoption of this venerated moniker is an insult to people who’ve put up REAL resistance to REAL oppression. They have a President who is pro-gay, but they recognize and appreciate nothing. This guy is mentally ill. It’s sad.

          7. dude, you went full tard-who is killing gays in the USA? IM conservative you phucking imbecile

          8. You’re not conservative… you’re a mentally challenged libtard fool. Quit being a tool of the Democrats and try to be a good person. Tall order, I know… but try.

          9. Muslims wives do not tell the truth. Muslims are encouraged to lie to infidels like yourself.

          10. imbecile-western Muslims aren’t the same as ME Muslims-you obviously dont know any

          11. Just as you obviously don’t know any Christians, but apparently it doesn’t stem the hateful flow of bigoted and ignorant rants you’ve made.

          1. You made lying allegations, so yeah, it is up to you. We already disproved your lies. Yet you keep lying Sparky. So you need to put up proof or just go back to the kiddie table.

          2. no, you silly titt, you didn’t disprove anything. Father and wife said he wasn’t devout. No mosque claimed he attended it-none-you lose

          3. Christopher Hitchens rule: That which you assert without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

          4. Your comment in rebuttal was so…off point that I had to go back and reread this entire discussion to see who the idiot in the conversation was.

            I have established it. You won’t like my findings.

            YOU asserted that Christians kill hundreds of gays every year…without any evidence.

            The Christopher Hitchens post perfectly answers that. That you do not see how it answers that proves my findings. Good day.

            BUT, allow me to concede for the sake of argument that ‘hundreds of gays die at the hands of Christians’. Well…that is possible.

            However we are talking about DELIBERATE murder BECAUSE someone is gay and not the fact that Jermaine, a criminal who is Christian, killed Broderick for his wallet, but it was attempted to be made into a ‘hate’ crime by ideologues like yourself.

            This case is FAR EASIER made in Islamic countries since they BOAST about killing gays. This doesn’t fit your narrative. Your narrative sucks.

          5. Mm. So please point me in the direction where it is POLICY in America to kill homosexuals. Then give me a list of nations where ‘gays don’t exist’ or they have public executions BY STATE FUNCTIONARIES of gay people.

            You will find nothing in the first category…and you will be spoiled for choice in the second.

          6. Norman the know-nothing moron. I’m a Christian and strangely it’s not the policy of our church to kill gays. In fact, killing is what we refer to as ‘sin’… a sin the Orlando shooter committed 50 times. Was it part of his ideology that provoked it? All I can ask is why did he pick a gay bar for his atrocity?

          7. You’re a idiot. And since you apparently are unemployed and live in your parent’s basement and have hours and hours to pursue writing your foolishness, I’m done. You’re a horrific and disgusting bigot and I wish nothing but the horrible things that your personality will eventually bring you.

  13. It boggles my mind that these people believe the Gestapo will soon be marching down the streets, while white people cheer from their porches. It is so sad there is a segment of this great nation who truly think they will be sent to prison or killed just for being gay or black. Proof that propaganda in the 21st century can still warp minds into mush.

  14. As a society we should reach out to liberals and offer them professional help.
    They need our help to overcome their mental dissorder, which causes them great fear and pain resulting in hatered and biggotry towards others.
    Help a liberal today! Give them a red pill.


    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved!

    Turn from your homosexual lifestyle!

    It is appointed for men once to die, then the judgement!

    The Lord takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked!

  16. There is no evidence to support the claim that Donal Trump is pro – murdering gays.

    IS evidence to support that Hillary is pro – murdering babies. It’s
    part of her platform. When I hear people say that we have to stop Trump
    for the sake of the children, I have to wonder if that applies to the
    children that would be pulled most of the way out of their mothers, then
    have their brains vacuumed out late term partial birth abortions.

    I’m sorry if that’s too abrupt or dark for anyone, but sometimes the only way to get people to actually think about something is to shock them out of their comfort zones πŸ˜‰

      1. I like how you call me an idiot because you don’t like what I have to say — a sure sign that you are an idiot.

        I hesitate to even address your claim that the majority support choice, as I believe you were the one who replied elsewhere with: “not my job to “prove” facts-try search engine.” You’ll notice I didn’t bother to address that comment 12 days ago, and I wouldn’t bother now if you didn’t, once again, drop some facts that you offer no evidence for. I did, however, take your advice and use a search engine.

        Do most Americans actually support abortion? It depends on the poll. Some say that a slim majority approve of some abortions with restrictions, but that those completely opposed to abortion slightly outnumber those who want restriction free abortions (Gallup). Other polls disagree. I even found one poll that said the majority of American women want to see abortion legal in some cases, but not in all cases and never funded by tax dollars. If you look hard enough, I’m sure you’ll find some poll numbers that support any opinion you want.

        Despite the number of people who are “pro-choice” (funny name, since the child being killed has no choice), public opinion does not determine whether or not abortion is murder. An unborn child is a human being — a living individual genetically unique from both parents at the point of conception. That’s not opinion and it’s not religion. It’s Biology.

        If killing an unborn child for any reason isn’t murder, then neither is killing another person of any age for any reason. If abortion wasn’t murder, then why does the movement need the name “pro-choice”? What’s wrong with “pro-abortion”?

        Just to be clear, I am 100% pro-choice. I believe that every woman should have complete control over her reproductive rights. I also believe that every woman exercises those rights when she chooses to have sex. Pregnancy isn’t a choice; it’s one of many possible consequences of making the choice to have sex.

        Unfortunately, sometimes women don’t have that choice. Sometimes men rape women and women get pregnant. I’m not saying that’s okay, only that the child is not the guilty party, and therefore not the one deserving death. Where is the outcry for a law allowing rape victims or their family members to hunt down and execute the rapists? That would be more fair than killing a child because it would be inconvenient.

        You’re right that I am a guy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a horse in the race, so to speak. You don’t have to be a woman to have an opinion on the morality of killing people.

  17. I’ve always suspected RDJ was working to undercut that ad, with his sarcastic-sounding sniffle and moaning, “Because we CARE…!” It’d make sense, since he famously came out as a Conservative after his rehab.

  18. Joss doesn’t need mental help, he needs cult deprogramming.
    As it is, in the throes of his religious hysteria, he wouldn’t recognize reality if it ran into him.

    1. They are The Evil Party, and just this weekend I’ve had democrat try to get me fired from my job, because I called them The Evil Party… But any political party that says it abhors violence, while also instigating it against people they dislike, is evil. Any political party that tries to take a person’s job, is evil.

      They’re evil. Period.

          1. But youre stupid for calling an entire party of 100 million people “evil” because a couple allegedly went after you, right? How does that make sense?

          2. My Masters at UCLA says im much smarter than your GED education. A “party” cannto be evil, dumdum-only people can. And what actions, praytell? Equality for gays? Equality for women in the workplace? Progarms to help the less fortunate?

          3. 1. Someone with a masters wouldn’t make gross assumptions, and since I graduated from high school and quite a few credit hours to acquiring an EE degree, I’m easily more intelligent than you assume. And given your attitude and demeanor, it’s a safe better you’re a liberal arts major, so it’s a safe bet for me to say you’re just not a dumdum, but a big raging d-bag too.

            2. A party, dumdum, is comprised of people who establish a platform, and the platform of that party, dumdum, can be evil. ie: the National Socialist Party.

            3. Why is the DNC evil?

            Tribalistic politics is a DNC speciality. For example, it’s ok in the mind of many democrats for a Muslim baker to discriminate, but a Christian cannot. If Facebook wasn’t to silence people whose views it doesn’t like, that’s a-okay for the democrat, but verboten for a private club or organization to establish rules that might exclude democrats. Gay people, black people, and people from other groups who stray from the DNC are attacked and vilified in the most strident terms. Throughout the entire existence of the party, it’s advocated for set of laws that apply to one group which doesn’t apply to others. ie: slavery, Jim Crow, affirmative action, reparations. It’s all evil, and it needs to stop.

          4. What Muslim baker? the fake, debunked story of a fake gay asking a Muslim bakery (that didn’t make cakes by the way) to make a cake? idiot!
            You compare democrats to Nazis-my god, youre a retard
            If a baker refused to make a cake for a gay person, they would be sued and punished-what is it with you weirdoes that think democrats favor bigoted Muslims? That dont make sense and it just exposes your own prejudices and lies.
            Dixiecrats favored no equality for blacks, you dumbphuck-not democrats as they exist today. Hint-look up 1964-democrat party split over civil rights

          5. youre so stupid. a Muslim baker can discriminate? are you talking about the fake news story where the guy pretend to be gay and went to a baker that didn’t even make cakes? Dude, that was debunked!!!

  19. The people killing gays are Islamists, Trump’s enemies. As a foe of “Islamophobia”, Whedon is their friend. So, Whedon is the bigger threat, as an enabler.

    Sheesh, what an ultra-maroon, as Bugs Bunny would say.

  20. So what do the anti-gay actions of Muslims in Chechnya have to do with Trump? The same idiot is probably whining about Trump and “Muslim bans” at the same time.

  21. Well, the GOP has a terrible track record on gay issues. Trump isn’t really much of a republican as you all will see in the coming years so I am fine with him. But, if you read the comment sections of republican blogs visa vis gays and minorities you would not be so nonchalant, people have no problem wishing harm on their fellow man.

    1. Since we do not bend over backwards and kiss the fanny of these minorities out of Liberal Guilt, we SEEM like we don’t care. This is nonsense. We are not the fawning lickspittles that Democrats are. That is the difference.

      I was offended at the Orlando shooting as much as anyone. Except that unlike Obama, the Democrats and Whedon, I know where to assign blame for this. Hint: It isn’t Republicans. It isn’t gun manufacturers.

      Until you get smart and honest enough to actually address these issue, you will be a minority party stuck in the urban ghettos you have created and run like a machine.

  22. Trump came out strongly when an ISIS nutcase shot up a gay club. The murderous abuse of gays/lesbians under nutcase Islam is something regularly noted by conservatives.

  23. There are places where gay people are murdered. Whedon does NO political messaging against these places. He does not note that there is a socio-religious culture that not only has words for gay murder in their scriptures, but it is LEGAL and it is JOYOUSLY EMBRACED by it’s people.

    Whedon can’t seem to find any time or money to mention that.

    Instead, he strikes at shadows. I am pretty much done with spending money on this clown’s content. He should ask Natalie Maines how smart it is to be an @$$hat to 50% of his audience.

    I appreciate his work. His political acumen is atrocious. That he is LOUD in his stupidity shows a lack of self awareness which is hard to fathom.

    1. Well put. I wish he’d put half this much effort into relaunching Firefly, or starting a new series. His political comments show that he really does belong in a fantasy world! Now if he’d only shut up and get back to work…

  24. Does he ever criticize the people who actually killed the gay people and their possible motivation? I doubt they were trump voters. Do they have anything in common with the people who were throwing gays off of rooftops the past few years. Come on Josh, we want to know.

  25. The only people actively killing gays are radical Islamists. So tell us again which party supports them? Projection, thy name is Progressives.

  26. If you say Obama front woman Susan Rice is a liar, then you are a racist and a misogynist.

    Just ask the MSM

  27. Anyone who listens to Hollywood types as experts on anything other than making movies is naive beyond belief.

  28. Hey Hollywood, here’s the brutal truth: You’re just not that creative. Your ideas of entertainment are stupid and boring. Nobody cares about your agenda except the other uncreative smug morons.

  29. Er, unless Trump converts to Islam, It is not likely that his tolerant attitude toward the gay community will change Josh, you dumb hump!

  30. I’m done with Joss Whedan. His moronic political tripe (or ‘trope’ or was I right the first time?) finally outweighs his skills as a storyteller. I’m no longer interested in listening to any stories he has to tell. Go talk to Natalie Maines.

  31. But what’s his position on importing hordes of medieval fanatics devoted to executing gays? I’ve got this strong suspicion he’s all for it.

  32. Whedon’s imaginary anti-gay Trump gets smashed by the real Donald Trump who favored gay marriage before the real Barack Obama did.

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