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Oscars Flip Bird to Red State USA, Name Jimmy Kimmel 2023 Host

Hollywood chooses far-Left late show comic over stars who might unite America

The timing is no accident.

Just days ago we learned that Jimmy Kimmel cared so deeply about telling Trump jokes he put his late night gig on the line for it.


Meanwhile, tomorrow is Election Day, and most pollsters predict a “red wave” of sizable proportions.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just announced that Jimmy Kimmel, who previously hosted the Oscars telecast twice to dwindling ratings, would return in 2023.


Kimmel, once a comic rapscallion without a political dog in the fight, became one of Hollywood’s most aggressively liberal stars. He uses his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” platform to push progressive causes, slam GOP politicians and ignore Democrats behaving badly.

When Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert briefly torched President Joe Biden earlier this year following media attacks on the elderly leader, Kimmel stood his ground.

It’s made him a comic pariah to half the country. The Oscars team ignored that reality and chose Kimmel to host, again. That’s despite him overseeing a dramatic decline in viewership during his two-year stint from 2017-18.

Jimmy Kimmel’s second turn hosting the Oscars lost nearly 20 percent of the overall audience that tuned in last year. With *just* 26.5 million total viewers, Sunday’s awards show on ABC not only set a new all-time low in viewership, it obliterated the old mark by 17 percent.

That didn’t stop the minds behind the ceremony from giving him a third go of it.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Monologue

The Oscar producers say, year after year, they’re going to “fix” the telecast. Innovate. Update. Bring some of the show’s old fans back at long last.

Yet these same producers never publicly acknowledge the show’s hard-Left sensibilities. It’s driven millions of viewers away from the show, most from Red State U.S.A.

By selecting the nakedly partisan Kimmel (again), they’re either blind to that reality or know all about it.

And they just don’t care.

Kimmel infamously addressed his hard-left conversion in 2017, noting the shift alienated right-leaning viewers. “Not good riddance but riddance,” Kimmel said at the time.

The Academy just flipped Kimmel’s script.

“Not riddance but good riddance,” the body effectively said.


  1. I stopped watching these fake awards shows when they became political speeches by very uninformed people with a paucity of intelligence. Actors patting other actors on the back with awards that mean nothing to actual everyday people.

  2. Who really cares? Does anyone even watch them and why? If people would REALLY REALLY tank them and turn them off these fools would get it! A 50% drop would mean big $ so they will either correct or go the way of CNN or MSNBC!

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