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Is This Why Cancel Culture Is (Finally) Coming for Howard Stern?

Reformed shock jock's misogynist past goes viral, media demands answers

Ellen DeGeneres stood atop Hollywood until she made the mistake of being kind to a Republican.

The “Ellen” host’s friendly exchange with former President George W. Bush got her in plenty of trouble with the Left. She stood by her bond with Bush, further enraging critics.

Less than six months later, toxic stories tied to her nationally-syndicated talk show surfaced. Her meticulously engineered empire began crumbling around her.

Coincidence? Perhaps.

Now, we’re seeing a similar pattern with reformed shock jock Howard Stern.

Stern, 69, no longer throws bologna slices at nubile young women. Nor does he coax them into getting naked in his radio studio. That was the old Stern, the man who reinvented modern radio and became fabulously rich as a result.

He even made a 1997 movie celebrating his antics.

Private Parts Trailer 1997

Fans loved his unchecked Id, but he shed those habits in recent years. The evidence of his on-air debauchery remains the biggest open secret in Hollywood, waiting to be exploited by Cancel Culture when needed.

That time may be now.


Both and USA Today reported on a viral TikTok video mashup of Stern’s crude interviews with beautiful women.

Now a new generation is unearthing Stern’s off-handedly sexual schtick, and they’re not happy about it.

The far-Left USA Today chimed in, too.

In the clips, Stern can be heard making provocative comments to his guests.

“You wearing panties? What do you wear, a thong?” Stern asked Presley in one clip., which supports Cancel Culture, reached out to Stern and SiriusXM, his current employer, for comment. That’s the standard-issue pressure tactic meant to:

  1. Extend the story
  2. Force the party in question to deliver a hostage-style apology
  3. Ensure Stern drifts even further Left (if he’s not Canceled)

This isn’t the first time Stern felt heat for past broadcasts. His old, racially-charged bits “resurfaced” following the death of George Floyd and the rise of BLM. He apologized at the time, but the Cancel Culture mob smelled blood but moved on.


Stern had become a valuable tool for the Left, pummeling President Donald Trump early and often.  He even blasted Trump’s family at the time to distract from the potential scandal.

Look, orange-skinned squirrel!

That afforded him some protection against his past. He became an MSNBC devotee, aligned with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s pandemic alarmism and mostly cheered on progressive causes. He even stood down as Cancel Culture corralled free speech and far-Left protesters silenced conservative campus voices.

Yes, the voice behind “Crucified by the FCC” has little to say on the subject these days.

Cancel Culture scolds took a knee. Stern was too valuable of an “ally” to Cancel. Now, they’re using his past against him.

Why now? 

Two potential reasons come to mind.

Stern recently whined that black basketball players ignore him when he sits courtside at New York Knicks games. A rich, white male star like Stern bringing up race got the woke mob’s attention.

His second act may be more responsible.

Last week, Stern indirectly criticized the Left for saying CNN shouldn’t have given Trump a national platform during its May 9 town hall-style appearance.

“Everyone had their t*** in a twist over Trump being on there, and the audience was like laughing and, you know, cheering him on, and a lot of people got upset about it,” Stern said. “I don’t know, I thought it was f***ing — really f***ing interesting and entertaining. I’m pretty sure anybody who didn’t like Trump hated him even more after that.”

Stern summoned the spirit of his old, free speech-friendly self and defended CNN for doing its job.  (You can hear that clip on HiT podcast no. 167)

Did that coax media outlets to promote the “resurfaced” clip mashup and pressure Stern for bits he performed so long ago?

Coincidence? Perhaps.

Let’s see if other media outlets pounce and/or seize on the viral anti-Stern clip. More importantly, will Stern surrender the last vestiges of his former self and start an apology tour?

The old Stern would do no such thing. Stern 2.0?



  1. Ironically named fake “Christian” named TOTO goes to bat for CHRIST HATING LIAR Howard Stern, no surprises here. Howard Stern and BEN SHAPIRO for that matter are BIBLICALLY DEFINED AS LIARS. No surprise that fake christians support them.
    1 John 2: 22-23
    22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

    23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.

    Their denial of Christ MAKES GOD HIMSELF OUT TO BE A LIAR since GOD vouched for JESUS here, Matthew 3:17.

    1 John 5:10
    He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son.

    Howard Stern has denied Jesus Christ for years and has been an immoral blight on the landscape only FAKE non biblically baptized FRAUDS (Acts 2:38 Acts 4:12, Acts 10:44-48, Acts 19:1-6) approve of him. Again, No surprises here.

  2. Most of the comments on the tiktok page seem to be from people – girls mainly – who never listened to him or never really knew of him. I despise “cancel culture” but seeing how it’s attacking Stern is somewhat gratifying in a twisted way.

  3. “A rich, white male star like Stern” LOL Stern is a jew (obv) and jews aren’t White.

  4. This is delightful – a ranting left-wing lunatic taken down by ranting left-wing lunatics! I couldn’t be happier. I’m getting the popcorn.

  5. Its not if they will turn on themselves, but when.

    The Left is irrationally unpredictable.
    And here comes thein train Howard.

    1. I think the left is easily predictable. They’ve been on the wrong side of every topic ever. Throw any topic out, and I’d bet you’d tell me correctly how a marxist will react to it.

  6. I’m far from wanting to defend Stern, as his show has become nearly unbearable… but anyone wanting to constantly put every single comment he, or anyone in life, makes into a political “side” is not going to really get anywhere. But that’s what we do now, and if you rag on Trump you must be a woke lefty. If you want to have a talk about the gun problems in this country you must be a liberal idiot. If a new virus comes and you say you know what I’m probably going to listen to what doctors tell me and probably disregard Joe Rogan, you are a lefty communist. Howard is an idiot, we all are idiots, no one really knows much. But I have no problem letting a guy with a microphone observe the world in his own way despite it being different than the FOX News group who preach an imaginary friend is in the sky looking down at them and will solve all.

    1. Given his huge swing to embracing left-wing authoritarianism in his old age, if he’s indeed taken down by the wokester leftoid crybullies, it’ll be karmically amusing if they do take him down. He’s turned into a whiney old yenta, so it won’t bother me if he gets “canceled.”

      1. Maybe there’s hope yet – he could transform himself one last time – since he looks like John Kerry in drag and he could do shows for the new DIE military. He’d fit right in. His past fame as a trash mouth degenerate will continue to serve him well.

  7. I warned these miscreants sevral times that there will be a price to pay when they least expect it for listening to bain, vile man. BEWARE!

  8. Good luck with canceling Howard. First, there is nothing he enjoys more than negative attention and these resurfacing stories only gives him something to talk about. He literally owns SiriusXm. If he were to leave the subs rate would probably go down 30%-40% and management knows it. Find someone else to vent your hate on.

    1. It’s unfortunate but he will soon be done. I’ve listened since 83 and know ALL. He jumped the shark a long time ago and went too far left. We lost him. It saddens me. Truly. He’s irrelevant. It’s sad. I LOVED him. The lights are on, the bar is closing, the party is over. Follow the cats into the sunset. Howard was the GOAT.

      1. I could not agree more. He is very irrelevant and his act is very “old” sounding. Havent listened in a few years and have no desire to now. I find lots to listen to on SiriusXM other than him. He’s exactly who he used to f*** with back in the day. RIP Howard.

    2. You’re full of crap, “Dave V”. I used to be a hardcore Stern fan but he ABANDONED his fans. Sirius might have been built in his reputation but they have long since eclipsed the need for him. I’ve been a Sirius subscriber since 2006 and I listened to Stern daily (multiple shows on both channels) and many of my friends did, too.

      I have not listened to him in at least 6 years. I tried once and it disgusted me. He’s completely useless and irrelevant. Plus, he DESERVES to get cancelled. He doesn’t even stand up for his friends any longer. He’s a sour, petty, cuck… he’s what he formerly hated the most in the world… DON IMUS. All he needs to do is start a ranch for kids and the transformation will be complete.

      1. Been a devoted fan since Covid. Give him another try–for your sake and at least to back up your comment with a fact-based impression. Otherwise, why bother?

    3. Agree.
      “Far Left USA Today” lol nice try getting a drumbeat against Howard.
      In fact I’m only seeing this new anti-Howard drumbeat coming from sketchy or misinfo websites such as Murdoch’s NY Post on down.
      Trump went to Howard’s wedding when Howard was a misogynist.
      20 years later, Howard has reformed & apologized…and has established himself as one of the world’s great interviewers of legendary musicians, comedians and actors. By the way he doesn’t lick Trump’s boots. Do we sense a problem here?
      Guys, if you want to be journalists, then work for a legit outfit. If you want to be straight up propagandists, you could probably be earning a LOT more.

      1. You’ve got to be joking. Sterns more recent interviews are ass kissing fluff sessions.

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