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Gina Carano to Sue Disney, Lucasfilm Over ‘Mandalorian’ Firing

Star's termination over 'offensive' social media posts fueled by Elon Musk

Gina Carano stood tall when Cancel Culture came for her Hollywood career.

Now, the former MMA standout is fighting back.

Carano, famously fired from Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” for allegedly offensive social media posts, announced she’ll be suing both Disney and Lucasfilm over the dismissal.

The 41-year-old star of “Terror on the Prairie” broke the news on X, the freer speech platform formerly known as Twitter. And she thanked the platform’s new owner, Elon Musk, for making her plans possible.

Carano has told her side of the story before. Now, she’s sharing even more details in an extensive X post tied to her lawsuit.

The truth is I was being hunted down from everything I posted to every post I liked because I was not in line with the acceptable narrative of the time. My words were consistently twisted to demonize & dehumanize me as an alt right wing extremist. It was a bullying smear campaign aimed at silencing, destroying & making an example out of me.

Carano lost her role on the series for so-called offensive social media posts. Meanwhile, co-star Pedro Pascal said far worse without punishment.

The actor compared Trump voters with Nazis. Carano indirectly brings up that hypocrisy in her message:

Hollywood says they support female representation & equal rights. Why then were my male co-stars permitted to speak without harassment & re-education courses or termination, but I was not afforded the same right to exercise my freedom of speech.

The athlete-turned-actress defended her previous posts, accurately noting they had no “aggressive language,” just “thought-provoking” content.

Were my questions about masks, lockdowns & forced vaccines ok to ask & push the subject into the light? Should we have been allowed to publicly discuss those topics at that time without being harassed or censored? Absolutely.

Next, shared why she decided to sue two powerhouse companies years after her firing.

A couple months ago @ElonMusk tweeted that if you had been fired from using the platform (X) for exercising your right to free speech, he would like to offer these people legal representation. Quite the noble offer, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought anyone would take on my case against Lucasfilm/Disney. Still, I did respond back “I think I qualify” & thousands of people agreed–but I did not expect anything.

To my surprise, a few months ago I received an email from a lawyer who had been hired by X to look into my story & many others. Turns out after sending them as much information as I could gather these past few months, my now lawyers & X believe whole-heartedly in my case & are moving forward.

Disney’s brand has been in free fall since Carano’s 2021 dismissal.

The company’s stock prices are down. Its movie division has suffered flop after flop after flop. It recently lost a major court decision against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Its signature streaming service is struggling, forcing the company to memory hole new and existing content to save cash.

Carano hopes to add to the company’s misery.

I am grateful someone has come to my defense in such a powerful way & look forward to clearing my name.


  1. Liberals are hypocritically one-sided? Say it isn’t true! Go get ’em, Gina! I hope that Disney will be interred with Walt. It is not enough to apologize, say we made a mistake, blame it all on particular key employees that can be fired and replaced. Coke, Nabisco, Disney, Budweiser, all need to become forgotten brands, panned by the masses, and held accountable for their misuse of their consumers. This will not happen because Americans are by and large shrubs who will swallow any swill to maintain their particular daily consumption. I only drink Mexican Coke because that company is separate from their American parent. I don’t buy or eat Oreos or any Nabisco products. I don’t pay for Disney shows and don’t watch them. I will never drink a Budweiser product. If at all possible, I don’t buy anything made in China, often doing without if I can’t find an alternative. Stand by your principles.

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