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Gina Carano: Disney ‘Basically Put My Life in Danger’

'Terror on the Prairie' star shreds Mouse House 'cowards' with Adam Carolla

Gina Carano refused to be canceled. Now, she’s calling out those who tried erasing her in the first place.

The “Terror on the Prairie” star dropped by “The Adam Carolla Show” this week. Together, they pummeled woke scolds and took on one of the biggest targets in Hollywood.

Disney, Inc.

OFFICIAL TRAILER | "Terror On the Prairie"

Carano and Carolla pounded the Mouse House for firing the actress on the flimsiest of charges. Disney dumped her from “The Mandalorian” over “offensive” social media posts. Except the posts weren’t offensive, and other Disney employees have said far worse.

Think Pedro Pascal, Mr. Mandalorian himself, and “Hocus Pocus 2” star Bette Midler.

Now, it’s Carano’s turn to fight back.

The MMA star joined Carolla to dissect how Disney treated her and look at the larger cultural landscape. She’s still frustrated that her tame social media messages got her fired but other stars say far worse sans repercussions.

Carano doesn’t call herself a conservative, but she’s willing to question progressive groupthink.

Carolla argued it’s not about any one statement uttered by a given star. It’s about their political leanings. He proved his point by comparing free speech to hot dogs. 

If person A. likes ketchup on their hot dog, and Person B. prefers mustard, no one bats an eye. It’s a difference of opinion.

In today’s culture, stating select opinions is a “tell.”

“When you say, ‘I’m not for masking kids or school closures,’ they go, ‘oh, you’ve tipped your hand. You’re a Republican. You’re one of them. You need to be canceled,'” Carolla explained. “You disagree with us politically. This has nothing to do with hot dogs.”

Stars like Bette Midler and Alec Baldwin say, and do, terrible things without a hint of professional punishment. Both are rock-ribbed liberals.

“They’re on our team, but we can’t say it out loud because it’s Hollywood, and we have to pretend we don’t engage in McCarthyism, but we do… we found out you’re not one of us, and you must go,” Carolla said.

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Carano moved the conversation to the culture at large, a divide time when people can say horrible things about people in power sans consequences. 

“All of Hollywood for the last four years, they’ve been sending President Trump death messages, death threats over Twitter,” Carano said. “Hollywood made this environment.”

Yet most stars avoid Twitter suspensions, let alone blowback from industry peers.

“Oh, you’re allowed to speak to a president this way, you’re allowed to be political … unless you’re coming from somewhere we don’t agree with, and then we’re going to take your job, we’re going to harass you,” Carano said. 

Her social media accounts defied liberal groupthink on election fraud, freedom of speech and more. That placed a juicy target on her back.

“My agency dropped me,” she added.

“They’re all just p****ies,” Carolla said.

Disney’s attempt to destroy Carano’s reputation had real-world consequences, she argued.

“[Disney] publicly put it out there that I was, at a really bad time, a really dangerous time to say it, that I was not tolerant of other races and religions … they basically put my life in danger,” Carano said.

Carano’s story had a happy ending thanks to The Daily Wire, which produced “Terror on the Prairie.”

Carolla and Carano both work for the right-leaning empire that now delivers entertainment content along with news and opinion. [Editor’s Note: This reporter contributes to that site]

“It’s nice that these outlets are popping up to take people who have been canceled or semi-canceled … there’s a place to go to create,” said Carolla, host of The Daily Wire’s “Truth Yeller” series.

Why Education Is Problematic | Adam Carolla Truth Yeller w/T.J. Miller

Carano pines for a return to the past, when people could disagree politically and still work together.

“I hope five years from now we’ll be able to look back and say, ‘how ridiculous was that?’ she said of modern woke culture.

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Early in the chat Carano asked the host if he had been canceled for his contrarian views. Carolla said he wasn’t sure, but by building his own entertainment empire he’s protected himself against woke employers.

That includes one of the biggest players in Hollywood.

“I don’t work for cowards like Disney,” Carolla said.


  1. Ms. Carano is great. I only wish she could’ve fought those two phonies Christy Martin and Mia St John. She and others should read the book Disney: The Mouse Betrayed: Greed,Corruption,And Children At Risk by Peter and Rochelle Schweizer. It’s a real hair raiser about what goes on in that company.

  2. Maybe the reason Pedro Pascal wasn’t fired for comparing Trump supporters to Nazis is because there a literal neo-nazi in that camp.

    Hate groups made it very clear that Trump had their full support, and the most athletic thing Trump did was was around admonishing white supremacists. To him and a lot of people in his camp the vocal support and loyalty all that matters.

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