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PolitiFact Gaslights Readers on Late Night’s Comically Obvious Liberal Bias

The so-called fact-checkers provide cover for far-left hosts avoiding Biden jokes

Savvy readers long ago stopped trusting fact checking services, and for very good reasons.

Sites like often go to comical lengths to either downplay Democrats who twist the truth or pretend Republicans actually lied when reality tells a different story.

Here are two quick examples. The first is from The Federalist, which heroically points out the bias behind these alleged fact checks on a regular basis:

While politicians and bureaucrats across the U.S. have demonstrated their hypocrisy by violating their own COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, USA Today stepped up to the plate to defend them.

Their fact check not only amplified each of the Democrats’ runaround excuses for their contradictory behavior, but it also pointed the finger at the Trump administration for violating CDC guidelines about masks, social distancing, and quarantining.

Snopes and USA Today have repeatedly fact checked The Babylon Bee, a right of center satire site without offering similar coverage for its main competitor, The Onion.

Now, PolitiFact is doing damage control for late night comedy.

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It’s no secret hosts like Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee and Jimmy Kimmel are more propagandists than comedians at this point. Their late night shows pump out progressive talking points in between stale attempts at humor. They went from hammering President Donald Trump on a nightly basis to targeting Sen. Ted Cruz, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and other right-of-center targets.

And, so far, they can barely summon the courage to tell jokes aimed at the new President, let alone Vice President Kamala Harris. Recently, Jimmy Kimmel did the opposite, constructing a comic narrative to prop up Biden’s first two months in office in a way that denied reality.

The same holds true for “Saturday Night Live,” which doesn’t even pretend to be fair and balanced in his satirical skits. A recent Harris/Biden bit used one tepid line to mock President’s Biden’s reliance on cheat sheets during his recent press conference, putting more emphasis on the government’s distribution of COVID-19 relief checks.

The lack of jokes aimed at the Biden/Harris administration is so overt two media outlets attempted to do damage control on the matter. The funniest part of those defenses were how many calories they burned spinning what we’re seeing with our own eyes.

Now, it’s PolitiFact’s turn.

While the Biden administration’s lies have piled up sky high in a matter of two months, PolitiFact churned out this all-important “Fact Check” to correct some “false” Facebook posts. The messages, according to the site, claim “Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert are ‘still not doing Biden jokes.'”

Well, that’s categorically untrue, PolitiFact says, citing a few tepid yuks tied to President Biden falling UP a flight of stairs — three times.

Late night hosts have included Biden in their monologues and nightly shows.

The Facebook posts’ implication is that TV’s top comedians have turned a blind eye to Biden since he took the Oath of Office in January. That is essentially correct. Still, the posts were called out as part of the Facebook/PolitiFact effort to “combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.”

Yes, this is what the PolitiFact team is focusing on, not the legion of lies President Biden and Vice President Harris share on any given moment.

Biden’s lies about his position on the legislative filibuster are so audacious, so brazen, so extraordinarily disingenuous that it is hard to know where to begin.

Yes, the late night hosts couldn’t avoid mentioning Biden’s upward falls. Let’s see how they treated a similar matter with Trump. Here’s Jimmy Kimmel chortling over President Trump drinking water in an awkward fashion.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Monologue – Trump Struggles at West Point & Celebrates 74th Birthday


And James Corden of “The Late, Late Show” fame mocked both the water moment and a tentative walk down a slight ramp.

Trump Struggles w/ Ramps & Water at West Point

See the difference in tone? How could anyone not?

Late night hosts savaged Trump night after night for four straight years. In many ways they haven’t stopped. Meanwhile, when the Biden/Harris team comes up on their shows, which isn’t nearly as often, the tone is radically different.

Less hostile. More fawning.

That’s what the Facebook posts addressed. It’s also why PolitiFact rushed to fact check them, to make the average reader think Team Late Night are still speaking “truth to power.”

It’s a lie, the kind a fact-checking service does when it cares more about progressive narratives than the truth.

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