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Late Night Howls as Big Tech Censors Trump

The far-left hosts cheers deplatforming a president, ignoring the consequences

Colbert and co. face an uncertain future.

What happens when the source of your political humor, President Donald Trump, no longer lives in the Oval Office?

We don’t know how far-left comics will respond to a post-Trump world, but one element is crystal clear. They’re downright giddy to see Big Tech silence him. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all either temporarily or permanently banned Trump from their platforms in recent days for allegedly inciting violence.

Their reasoning is vague and suspicious, particularly since so many users, including Democratic politicians, routinely incite hate sans punishment. Hollywood, Inc. does that all the time.

It’s why world leaders like Germany’s Angela Merkel are sounding the alarm about the consequences.

Not Team Late Night.

They’re spending this week yukking it up over Big Tech erasing Trump from its platforms.

Trump Banned from Twitter | The Tonight Show

Here’s Jimmy Fallon, the formerly apolitical host whose Colbert-lite shtick is winning him few converts, laughing at censorship writ large.

“Trump’s basically the Pete Rose of social media. Right now Trump’s phone is stuffed into a pile of rice after being drenched with tears. The good news is now Twitter can go back to what it used to be for, judging celebrities at award shows. In addition to Twitter, Trump has been banned or restricted from Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Amazon, Pinterest, Tiktok … YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, Stripe, Discord and Shopify. Trump started this year thinking he should be on Mt. Rushmore, now can’t even get on Instagram. In one weekend, Trump’s phone became a $2,000 flashlight.”

Colbert, showing his fascist side, not only mocked the situation but piled on Parler for daring to embrace freer speech.

“Now he’s just getting Kayleigh mceneany to write his tweets on poster board and hold them out by the underpass. But Twitter isn’t the only social media site that wants nothing to do with our president. He’s also been banned or restricted from a bevy of other platforms, including Facebook Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, and even twitch. What are you waiting for, pornhub? The president can’t even turn to alt-right cesspools, because “Parler has been shut down after Amazon kicked the website off its servers.”

Does Colbert realize there’s plenty of liberal hate that goes unpunished on all the platforms he name checked? Here’s betting he doesn’t care. He’d rather stamp out voices he disagrees with rather than debate them in a fair and open fashion.

And then there’s Seth Meyers, whose political cruelty is topped only by Samantha Bee. Meyers weighed in on Big Tech suppressing conservatives, not just Trump, on his angry NBC platform.

“Oh, my God! You lost followers on Twitter? Someone call 911 scratch that call 91111 for special emergencies, aka 911 premium plus I know I ask this a lot. What the [ bleep ] Is wrong with you people a violent mob of seditionists stormed the capitol in an attempt to overthrow democracy people died and you’re whining about losing followers on Twitter. “They also took away all my gold bars on ‘candy crush.’ you know how hard it is to beat the jelly queen and cupcake Carl thanks a lot big tech. If a mob of violent terrorists lays siege to the capitol and threatens to return, your biggest concern is the number of Twitter followers you lost, you’re a sociopath.”

These comedians clearly don’t understand history, let alone George Orwell’s sadly prescient “1984.” At some point the censorial mob will come for them, too.

Here’s betting they won’t find it funny, assuming they’re allowed to speak at all.

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