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Jimmy Kimmel: From ‘Man Show’ Host to Biden Propagandist

The far-left comic spins, and spins, for both Biden and his broken promise parade

Smug isn’t a good look for most comedians.

Funny people may point out our foibles, but they’re best at capturing an Everyman sensibility while doing so. Confessional comedy kills, like most of the jokes Jim Gaffigan tells.

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Even when comics target their audiences there’s a wink-wink acknowledgement in play. They’re just like us!

Somehow Jimmy Kimmel forget that comic template.

“And it also just so happens that pretty much every late-night talk show host is a liberal, and that’s because it requires a measure of intelligence,” Kimmel told the far-left “Pod Save America” podcast in 2018.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host went woke a few years ago, transforming his ABC platform into yet another far-left institution. He mangled the facts to promote universal health care, leaving it to new media figures like Ben Shapiro to tell us the truth.

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Kimmel predictably savaged President Donald Trump on a nightly basis during his term of office and chased away his remaining Republican fans.

“Not ‘Good Riddance’ but ‘riddance,'” in his exact words.

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These days, Kimmel is either ignoring or cheering on the new president after four years of hounding the last one. Late night hosts are aggressively liberal, and when there’s a Democrat in the White House they’re left to attack other, lesser conservatives.

It’s why every show is training its sights on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Last we checked Carlson holds no government position and lacks the ability to make or change laws.

This week, Kimmel took his Democratic sycophancy to a new, embarrassing level. Let’s hope he’s collecting two pay checks now – one from ABC and the other from the DNC.

“Biden just got a nice little shot in the arm. You know how he said he hoped to get 100 million Americans vaccinated by the end of his first 100 days in office? Well, he beat that deadline by six weeks. Isn’t it amazing what you can do when you don’t put Jared in charge?” Still, “it’s a little weird to have a president who actually does what he says he’s gonna do,” he added. “It makes me uncomfortable. I feel like Biden’s doing that thing hustlers do when they pretend they’ve never played basketball before, and then as soon as the money comes out, the start dunking on everyone.”

Yes, Biden is hyper competent and sticking to his pre-election promises, says the man whose job is to speak truth to power.


  • Biden’s vaccine rate promise (1 million a day) was already happening under the dreaded President Donald Trump prior to the 78-year-old taking the oath of office. Since then, enhanced production techniques have increased the flow of available medicine.
  • Biden stumbled three times walking UP a staircase this week, a sad reminder how the press hid his declining health from potential voters during the 2020 presidential campaign.
  • Candidate Biden vowed not to raise taxes on Americans making $400,000 or less. Under President Biden, that number is now $200,000.
  • Biden’s team pledged to be transparent to the press. So far, the Biden Administration is anything but that when it comes to the border. Plus, he’s gone the longest time without giving a press conference since President Calvin Coolidge.
  • Biden vowed to start opening up schools as President, which adheres to the science learned over the last year. Chalk that up to yet another broken promise.
  • Biden promised a $2,000 pandemic check for every American once he took office. Instead, they received a $1,400 version. Team Biden vowed for a $600 follow-up check, but even radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cried foul over the move.

It’s an impressive record of shattered promises for someone in office for just two months. Just don’t tell that to Kimmel. He’s too busy spinning, and spinning, on Biden’s behalf.

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