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Joe Rogan Confirms Hollywood Blacklist Against Conservatives

Podcast superstar describes chilling liberal conformity enforced 'with an iron fist'

Comedian Joe Rogan doesn’t need Hollywood anymore.

His “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast earned him not one but two gargantuan contracts with Spotify. His days of watching people scarf down buffalo testicles on network TV are over.

That’s not the case for wannabe stars who descend on Hollywood each year. They want a chance at their own sitcom or film franchise.

And they better say all the “right” things, or else.

Rogan opened up about that grim reality while chatting with comedian Tom Green on “The Joe Rogen Experience.”

Green shared why he avoids politics in his material, but the topic still crept into the conversation. The duo criticized Canada’s overreach during the pandemic, including punitive measures against truckers who protested the government’s lockdowns.

The banter eventually shifted to Hollywood. That’s when Rogan shared his decades of experience in the entertainment industry. 

The comedians bonded over leaving Los Angeles after years spent in the City of Angels. Rogan famously fled L.A. for Austin, Texas, where he created the free-speech friendly Comedy Mothership club.

Green returned to Canada decades after his LA-based career exploded in the 1990s.

“You don’t have to play that game anymore,” Green said of L.A. culture and the industry et al.

“It’s also the hive-mind culture. There’s a thing that happens in that town, in that area,” Rogan said of Hollywood. “There’s a certain ideology that’s attached to that city, and it’s not logical. It’s a kooky, wacky, completely insulated left-wing view of the world, and they enforce it with an iron fist.

“And if you’re not on that team you don’t get booked for things. You don’t get picked for things. If you’re someone who has conservative leanings there’s projects you’re never gonna get. You’re never gonna be involved … they’ll malign you without knowing you at all, [and are] openly prejudiced about you. So no one does it.


“So everyone who goes over there who’s desperately trying to make it, who’s desperately trying to get in movies, who’s desperately trying to get a recording deal, whatever it is they’re desperately trying to do, the last thing they wanna do is talk about something that’s going to politically get them at odds with the people that run the studios. So no one does.

“Everybody just follows the same sort of wacky ideology that these people take from the universities, they go straight into working as a PA [personal assistant] and straight into working for executives and producers and all of those people are indoctrinated. They’re all in this wild-ass cult of weirdness.”


Hollywood’s new, unofficial blacklist punishes those who step off the progressive plantation.

Just ask Gina Carano, fired for posting social media messages that didn’t align with the woke worldview. Or Roseanne Barr, whose crime wasn’t just firing off a racially-charged Tweet but showing empathy to MAGA Nation.

(Meanwhile, liberal stars do and say far worse sans repercussions)

Better yet, consider the folks who attended Friends of Abe meetings. That’s the secret conservative group where artists once met to network and share political opinions without fear of retribution.

This reporter spoke to two former attendees in the last month. Both described the club in shocking detail. Yes, you might see a famous name or three at the gatherings, but the biggest conservative stars still get work now and then.

Oscar-winner Jon Voight is the best example. He works consistently, even into his 80s.

It’s the crew members we don’t recognize who suffer the most. Some broke down in tears recalling the pressures they faced to keep their views quiet. They knew speaking up could hurt, or even crush their careers.

Mainstream reports occasionally acknowledge the new anti-conservative Blacklist. We see no follow-up stories, no questions targeting studio heads or A-list stars asking them why the punitive culture exists.

Hollywood remains obsessed with the ’50s-era Blacklist. Why not the current version?

It’s no mystery. The new victims are conservatives, and in our two-tier society, they don’t earn respect, empathy or any sort of defense.


  1. liberals are not leftists. if only braindead conservatives knew that, but unfortunately you’re all too hopped up on your own farts. communism now and forever!

  2. I have friends that work in various entertainment businesses and they all are very quiet. They got families so keep their heads down and just nod along when certain subjects are mentioned. Just takes one person to out them as conservative. Then the word gets out, no one will work with them, and the company fires them with no explanation. It’s that easy. We live in dark times.

    Who really has the power when almost every company is run by leftists who demand their employees follow leftist doctrine?

  3. Green went from L.A. back to Canada. Can’t really say that’s much of an improvement. At least L.A. has nicer weather.

    1. If anyone was to ask who’s the greater of two evils between Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau, I wouldn’t know what to say.

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