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Will Hollywood Punish Dennis Quaid for Trump Support?

Two movie gurus say yes. Industry’s Blacklist against conservatives agrees

Actors routinely endorse leaders with the letter “D” before their names.

Think Clinton. Biden. AOC. Schiff. Fetterman.

The opposite rarely happens. Jon Voight, Nick Searcy, Robert Davi and Kevin Sorbo stand as the extreme exceptions, and for good reason. Conservative stars risk losing work for embracing smaller government or strong border policies.

It’s undeniable.

Endorsing Donald Trump in an election year? That’s the riskiest thing a star can say in 2024.

Dennis Quaid did just that.


Quaid, starring in this summer’s “Reagan,” told the host of “Piers Morgan Uncensored” why he’s likely pulling the lever for Trump come Nov. 5.

“It just makes sense. I was ready not to vote for Trump, until what I saw is, more than politics, I see a weaponization of our justice system and a challenge to our Constitution.”

It’s called “Lawfare” and plenty of fair-minded people see it as a threat to the Republic.

Roger Friedman, veteran Hollywood observer and founder of Showbiz411.com, declared Quaid’s Hollywood career doornail dead.

As he turns 70, he knows the game. He has nothing left to lose, which is kind of refreshing.

Showing us that he’s no better than brother Randy, Dennis told Piers Morgan today that he’s voting for Donald Trump.

Put a fork in him. He’s done.

Put aside the unfair comparison between the Quaid brothers. The progressive Friedman acknowledges the Hollywood Blacklist 2.0 against conservatives is alive and well.

And the veteran journalist isn’t bothered in the least.

Jordan Ruimy, editor of WorldOfReel.com, agreed, even if he sounded a wistful note on the news.

Whatever you think of Quaid political leanings, he’s had quite the career with notable performances in “Far From Heaven,” “The Right Stuff,” “Traffic,” and “Breaking Away.” He will be missed. [emphasis added]

Two prominent Hollywood journalists declare the 70-year-old actor’s Hollywood career over for having the “wrong” political views. Quaid didn’t say anything cruel or incendiary. He didn’t rant and rave like Robert De Niro did earlier this week outside the Trump trial in New York City.

Robert De Niro calls Donald Trump a 'monster' outside New York hush money trial

He didn’t wish physical harm on a politician like Bette Midler did on social media. Nor did Quaid suggest MAGA voters are akin to Nazi-era Germans as Pedro Pascal did.

He gave his two cents on the presidential race. That’s all. For that, he may not work in traditional Hollywood again.

Stop and consider what’s at stake beyond Quaid’s career prospects.

If you vote a certain way you may not be employable in Hollywood. Yes, there are exceptions including Tim Allen and Voight. They work steadily, although Allen rarely broaches politics.

That fear still exists, and it extends to others in Tinsel Town. Think gaffers to bit players who may never get a shot at headlining a film.

We’ve heard accounts of just that from past Friends of Abe gatherings. That’s the secretive group of right-leaning artists who once met to network and share horror stories of political persecution.

Conservative crew members would cry as they recalled the punishment they endured for seeing the country through a different ideological lens.

This is tolerant Hollywood at its worst.


Quaid may still keep on working. He’s embraced several faith-based projects in recent years, including the hit film “I Can Only Imagine.” That means he could perform in projects outside the Hollywood mainstream, assuming Friedman and Ruimy are right.

Why should he? Where is the outrage?

Even more important? When will A-list stars like George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep and others speak out on conservative stars’ behalf?

If they haven’t now, they likely never will.


  1. I heard he goes to a Calvary Chaple. There are plenty of family friendly Christian films he could produce, direct, and act in. Parallel economy baby!

  2. Voting for Trump seems like a no-brainer to many people. biden has been a disaster since he took office. Afghanistan, open borders and massive illegal immigration busting budgets of sanctuary cities and states, terminating gas, oil and fracking exploration, massive government spending and inflation, fomenting war around the globe, now criminal prosecutions of your political enemies using democrat judges, prosecutors and juries. appointments of a radical progressive judiciary. you don’t have to register with a particular party to vote for Trump in a general election.

  3. As you point out, just saying calmly you are voting Republican, and you are considered the worst of the worst. While Democrats can champion harm on any conservatives and get praise and jobs.

    I sometimes wonder if we are living in a simulation, and this is just the programmer screwing with us. How can the world have such different ideologies and one gets away with basically anything and the other gets slammed even for the most minor infraction?

    In the past few years, I have really developed a deep-seated hatred of Democrats. I’ve never seen such an evil group of creatures.

  4. Anyone that has worked in Hollywood realizes that Quaid has probably already paid a price for being a conservative. This is nothing new and I’m sure he’s not scared. He can handle it. Look at Richard Gere paying the price from the CCP for supporting Tibet. It’s always something.

  5. Ug. Your article now has the reek of Friedman in it, I would wipe that off quick.

    Take his quote: “Showing us that he’s no better than brother Randy, Dennis told Piers Morgan today that he’s voting for Donald Trump.” What is that supposed to mean, anyway? Trump voters are lower class citizens?

    I can’t stand Roger Friedman, one of the many reasons I ditched Fox News a long time ago.

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