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7 Reasons the Woke Left Turned on Quentin Tarantino

Every new Quentin Tarantino movie is an event, and film reporters act accordingly.

They re-rank his film canon, break down his past triumphs and worry he’s serious about retiring after his 10th directorial effort.

That was all before the rise of Cancel Culture, which seeks to destroy artists for both real and perceived slights.

Now it’s Tarantino’s turn.


It started weeks before his newest film, “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” reached American soil. A female journalist pressed the director on how few lines co-star Margot Robbie has in the film. He dismissed the question outright.

Spoiler alert: good call!

That may have helped the following wave grow stronger, bolder, given the genders in play.

The New York Post’s Sara Stewart threw gasoline on the fire with her viral story assailing Tarantino. She shouted, “boy bye” to Tarantino’s on and off-screen transgressions. She hit Tarantino for his close ties to disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein (good point) as well as having Jennifer Jason Leigh get attacked repeatedly in “The Hateful Eight” (did she see what happened to the men in that movie? So … much … blood…). Here’s the headline in play:

Quentin Tarantino’s exploitation has no place in Hollywood anymore

Tell that to the folks who fueled “Hollywood’s” $41 million opening weekend.

Now, veteran liberal film critic Roger Moore is piling on, attacking everything from his “glib” violence (as if “John Wick’s” version was serious on any level…) to Tarantino’s feet fixation. That comes after Heat Vision slammed the director for showcasing violence against women.

Liberal scribes want equality for women (good!) while protecting them against a fraction of the violence male characters endure (hypocrisy!).

ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD Clip - Cliff, Randy, and Rick

Almost none of this is new. So why savage one of Hollywood’s most gifted auteurs now?

Sure, there’s a news peg in play thanks to “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood.” Those aghast at his ultra-violent ways should know the new film features far less bloodletting than normal.

Here are the real reasons Tarantino is under fire:

His Biography Is Catching Up to Him

We learned last year that two actresses told Tarantino that Weinstein assaulted them. Yet very few film scribes called him out at the time.

  • He knew!
  • He kept quiet!

Now, Stewart is making that direct connection. She also recalls how “Kill Bill” star Uma Thurman suffered a chronic injury performing a stunt for Tarantino despite her protests.

These are serious issues, and the press has done a lousy job pressing Tarantino on them … until now.

The Woke Police Need Targets, Scalps

Virtue signaling is all well and good, but without a target there’s simply no point. So Social Justice Whatfinger NewsWarriors scour the cultural landscape for targets. They comb through years-old Tweets and ancient interviews to find some dirt, any dirt, they can weaponize.

So why not call out Tarantino, one of the biggest stars in the Hollywood galaxy?

He’s Mocking Hollywood as Much as He’s Praising It

No one loves movies more than Tarantino. That’s a subjective statement, but good luck arguing against it. It’s why so much of “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” plays out like a love letter to 1960s cinema. The leading men are handsome. The starlets are eye-poppingly gorgeous. The film turns generic western scenes into impeccably crafted mini-movies.

It’s love, Tarantino style.

And yet … much of the movie mocks both the industry and the stars who make it tick. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton shows up on set lit, and he subsequently flubs key lines. He’s intimidated by a polished child star, so much so he casually insults her.

And would anyone take political advice from the stars in Tarantino’s “Hollywood?” In a sly way the film mocks today’s politically aware stars. In essence, they’re the modern day Rick Daltons, vain souls who can barely control their own lives. Why should we trust their political hot takes … then or now?

Dubious Hit Pieces Go Viral

Earlier this month Yahoo Entertainment news suggested “Jurassic World” star Chris Pratt was a white supremacist. Is he? Of course not. That story sparked a cultural firestorm, from outraged podcast conversations to defensive pieces shredding Yahoo’s journalism bona fides.

The web site later tweaked the story to soften the Fake News blow.

So what? Yahoo Hoovered up all that glorious web traffic without suffering any real punishment. TMZ resurrected the same, discredited story.

Why not pile on a Tarantino story, even if it’s grossly unfair? Sadly, the web traffic alone is worth it.

The Left Loves to Bring People Down (Hard)

Kyler Murray had all of a day to celebrate his Heisman Trophy coronation late last year when the press tried to bring him down. A reporter “found” old Murray tweets that sounded homophobic. He was 15 at the time. What should have been the biggest triumph of his young life found him apologizing for a childish act.

The timing wasn’t an accident.

The far-left Daily Beast wrote a vile hit piece last week on Yankees superstar Mariano Rivera as he joined the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The timing wasn’t an accident.

Now, Tarantino is under attack just as one of his best movies in years hits U.S. theaters.

The timing, all together now, wasn’t an accident.

He’s a Cisgender White Male.

‘Nuff said.

He Isn’t Political (at the Moment)

When 2015’s “The Hateful Eight” hit theaters, Tarantino thrust himself into the “Black Lives Matter” debate. Tarantino raged against cop “murderers,” drawing a Big Apple boycott in the process.

The Left cheered.

Side note: When “Eight” under-performed liberal movie scribes downplayed the impact Tarantino’s words had on the bottom line.

Tarantino’s hard-left turn, after a mostly apolitical career, offered him a measure of cultural protection against his body of work.

Today, Tarantino isn’t getting political. He’s not aggressively bashing President Donald Trump during his current press push. Plus, he committed the unforgivable sin of dismissing an absurd question from a female reporter.

That all but said, “Game on!’ for hard-left scribes.

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  1. Does anyone really pay attention to the idiots that comprise the “cancel culture”? I couldn’t care less what they think, and I very much doubt that most people do. No one should feel afraid to express themselves, regardless of their beliefs. That is the very bedrock upon which our freedom of speech is based. Think for yourselves and come to your own conclusions…it is very sad to see the mindless lemmings that follow & adhere to the hateful spewing coming from the radical left these days. May cooler heads prevail.

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