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‘SNL’ Called Trump Fans Nazis, Clutches Pearls Over Carano’s Nazi Analogy

The far-left show couldn't look past the false progressive narrative ... again

“Saturday Night Live,” which once dubbed its rebellious cast the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players,” is now a propaganda tool of the Left.

That’s not breaking news, but sometimes the lengths the show goes to remind us of it deserves mention.

Election Week Cold Open - SNL

This week offered another prime example.

The show excoriated Sen. Ted Cruz mere days after his inept decision to flee Texas as a massive winter storm left part of his state in a deadly freeze. 

Yes, “SNL” also finally tagged Gov. Andrew Cuomo for a COVID-19 scandal so huge even the far-left platform couldn’t hide it. The timing screams volumes, of course. The Cuomo slam came after the show ignored the obvious truths about the governor for nearly a year. Yet the writers pounced on Cruz’s sizable gaffe mere days later.

It’s just one more example how corrupt the comedy institution has become.

Here’s a much bigger one.

Britney Spears Cold Open - SNL

Gina Carano got fired from Disney and her own talent agency after she compared how conservatives are treated in America today to the events on the ground in Nazi Germany circa the 1930s.

Sounds overheated, right? Not so fast.

Carano’s text, shared on Instagram and later deleted, described how Germans began treating Jewish people in an inhumane fashion, a condition which allowed Nazi soldiers to later extinguish them en masse for being less than human.

Any Nazi comparison is fraught with moral peril given the consequences of Hitler’s regime. So a case can be made Carano went too far by default.

Except we just spent the last four-plus years hearing every third celebrity and liberal pundit play the Hitler Card against President Trump. No one got sacked for doing so, and their examples were typically more absurd, and ill-founded, than Carano’s nuanced message.

Even worse?

Carano’s Disney co-star, “The Mandalorian’s” Pedro Pascal, shared a crude Nazi analogy on his own social media feed sans consequences. Why did he get away with it? Perhaps it’s because he compared Trump voters to Nazis.

In a since deleted Instagram post, the actor posted a meme which featured a ‘MAGA’ hat, stating it had been defeated just like the Southern States in 1865 and the Nazis in 1945.

No cancel campaign erupted. No loss of gainful employment. A truly woke comedy show might have a field day with that hypocrisy, and how a strong woman felt the brunt of Cancel Culture while the “patriarchy” protected one of its own.

Not “SNL.” The show spat out a dumbed down version of Carano’s comments in order to kick her when she’s down.

“Okay, on Instagram, you said conservatives have it as bad as people living in Nazi Germany.”

And when the skit had the chance to skewer Disney for playing footsie with China and its concentration camps, “SNL” chose this line of attack:

“Absolutely. And I was cancelled by Disney? Disney is the moral high ground? Have you heard Br’er Rabbit’s accent on the Splash Mountain ride recently?” she responded.

Imagine being more upset about an accent than a company thanking a brutal regime for allowing it to work with them.

It gets even more pathetic for “SNL.”

The far-left show once called Trump voters Nazis and KKK members. Was that too outrageous? Should “SNL” cancel itself?

Voters For Trump Ad - SNL

This is the same show with a terrible history with both female comics and performers of color. Later in the most recent show, “news” co-anchor Michael Che spat out an anti-Semitic joke.

Of course none of this would happen if “SNL” had a dollop of true diversity in its writers room – ideological diversity, that is. It’s likely no one on the staff saw the Pascal hypocrisy or the fact that other Disney employees have said far, far worse without punishment.

As is, “SNL” piled on a woman unfairly fired while gently swatting a sitting governor whose actions led to the death of thousands of American seniors.

That’s something those “Not Ready for Prime Time” predecessors would never do.

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