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Disney, Journalists Don’t Care if You Call Out Their Glaring Hypocrisy

Gina Carano's shocking dismissal part of a cultural problem without clear answers

Conservatives are flooding social media with reasons why Disney shouldn’t have fired “The Mandalorian” co-star Gina Carano.

The former MMA standout lost her coveted job after sharing a Tweet deemed “anti-Semitic” on social media.

The list of reasons is extensive, but the key points are below:

  • Fellow “Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal made a similar Nazi reference without any punishment
  • Disney has no problem making movies with China, a regime that currently operates concentration camps teeming with minority Muslims
  • Other Disney stars have said terrible things on social media sans consequence
  • The media is grossly distorting what Carano actually said, part of its campaign to get her fired from the show
  • Feminists won’t have Carano’s back

Here are some Twitter highlights:

It’s all true, and none of it matters. Not a syllable.

Disney will feel zero pressure to correct its ghastly mistake. Groups like NOW won’t run to Carano’s defense, even though she’s a strong, independent woman who could use the sisterhood right about now. She’s not progressive, so she doesn’t trigger their activism.

Her co-stars will stay mum, too, likely scrubbing their previous online support for Carano. Don’t bet against Twitter deplatforming her soon.

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Reporters will continue to distort and outright lie about her Tweets to make sure the journalistic record remains squarely against her. Call it Fake News, The Sequel.

And then we’ll move on to the next Cancel Culture atrocity.

It’s a sad, sorry cycle, and nothing will change unless different action is taken. What does that mean? We’re seeing #CancelDisneyPlus on social media, but hashtags aren’t real life. We learned that the tragic way after Michelle Obama rallied the digital world to save young girls captured by Boko Haram.

Editor’s Note: This site doesn’t not officially endorse boycotts of any kind. 

Will people actually cancel their subscriptions? If so, will they do so in large enough numbers to matter? What seems like a cultural groundswell on social media is often nothing of the kind. Plenty of people don’t know the details of CaranoGate, nor what’s at stake beyond one actress and one highly coveted job.

Chances are people enjoy Disney+ and don’t want to be inconvenienced by losing it. Conservatives in general approach boycotts with understandable restraint.

It leaves few options. Disagree? Have alternate ideas so that Carano’s fate doesn’t befall another actor? Please share them below.

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