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Carano Must Be Canceled … But What About Kimmel, Midler and Rapaport?

Attacks on 'Mandalorian' star highlight Hollywood's insane double standards

The war against Gina Carano isn’t over yet.

A new petition is demanding Team “Star Wars” fire Carano from her co-starring role in “The Mandalorian.” It’s part of a social media-based plot to erase the actress from Disney Plus’s breakaway hit.

Carano’s crime? She may be a conservative.

Breaking news:

— Gina Joy Carano GinaJoyCarano Saturday, November 14, 2020

The former MMA athlete wants election integrity measures, including Voter ID laws, enacted. She’s also skeptical of current lockdown practices and isn’t convinced Joe Biden’s presumed electoral victory is malarkey free.

Worst of all?

She didn’t rush out and support Black Lives Matter like everyone should. For all of the above, a growing segment of the show’s fan base demands Disney give Cara Dune the heave ho. Her character’s fate shouldn’t be dismissed as merely geek casting news. Her fight is our fight.

It’s more than that, though.

Gina Carano finds a new beginning in Star Wars series 'The Mandalorian' | ESPN MMA

Consider what other celebrities are up to these days. Jimmy Kimmel, the “conscience” of late night television, is chortling over Donald Trump, Jr.’s COVID-19 diagnosis. Character actor Michael Rapaport also piled on in his usual profane manner.

Bette Midler, a consistent hate peddler on Twitter, claims President Trump is to blame for the 250K-plus COVID-19 deaths in America, as if the nation were the only western country that got walloped by the virus.

Will any of these stars generate petitions to cancel their current projects? Of course not, and there’s two clear reasons why.

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Right-leaning Americans aren’t obsessed with canceling people for disagreeing with them. That impulse, with some exceptions, is driven by the Left. Conservatives may be aghast at Robert De Niro for his four-year rage-a-thon against President Trump, but try finding a petition blocking him from his next gig.

It’s unlikely you’ll find one.

Secondly, an actor can embrace the far-left as aggressively as possible and face little, if any, blowback from his or her peers.

Even radical leftist John Cusack’s slip-sliding career got a boost when Amazon chose him to co-star in its new series, “Utopia.” Cusack’s rantings are nothing new to Twitter followers, but that didn’t dissuade the streaming giant from hiring him.

So why is Carano being singled out? The Modern Left wants to punish conservative views until people stop sharing them. It’s why they wanted to fire Rush Limbaugh for years, and the reason they’re attacking college conservatives nationwide now.

They even made a movie about it.


It’s why a football player who supports the flag must be brow beaten until he repents.

It’s why conservatives like Sarah Huckabee Sanders get chased out of restaurants without a peep from Democratic leaders.

It’s why an athlete turned actress, after landing the gig of her career, is this-close to losing it for simply sharing a different set of beliefs than her peers.

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