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Woke Screen Rant Bullies, Tries to Deplatform Gina Carano

'The Mandalorian' star's right to speak is targeted in wake of the Capitol riots

The film blogosphere can’t get enough of Gina Carano. That’s not a good thing for “The Mandalorian” star.

Carano, an MMA fighter turned actress, appears to lean to the right, politically speaking. She’s questioned the accuracy of the recent election vote totals, refused to follow the trans community groupthink and spoke out for free speech.

Here’s one Carano commentary her critics cite as proof she should be removed from “The Mandalorian.”

“We need to clean up the election process so we are not left feeling the way we do today. Put laws in place that protect us against voter fraud. Investigate every state. Film the counting. Flush out the fake votes. Require ID. Make Voter Fraud end in 2020. Fix the system.”

The comments drip with common sense, even if you think Voter ID laws aren’t the solution.

Gina Carano finds a new beginning in Star Wars series 'The Mandalorian' | ESPN MMA

Her “anti-mask” comments were actually a call to arms for citizens to be wary of government overreach.

“Democratic Government Leaders now recommends [sic] we all wear blindfolds along with masks so we can’t see what’s really going on.”

It’s worth noting Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York shut down restaurants despite only 1.4 percent of COVID-19 cases were connected to restaurant visits. On the other coast, Gov. Gavin Newsom shuttered outdoor dining while the L.A. Department of Public Health admitted the move wasn’t based on hard science.

Meanwhile, a gaggle of lockdown politicians are shattering their own rules without consequence.

For that she’s become regular fodder for small-to-mid-sized movie sites eager to seize on controversy for clicks. And, potentially, make sure she isn’t part of any new “Mandalorian” installments.

Screen Rant is far bigger than most of its competition. So when the site turned on Carano recently it mattered. It did so as part of the Big Tech Purge, the effort to silence right-of-center Americans in the wake of the Capitol riots.

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First, the site generically listed Carano’s “sins,” a vague recap without context or specifics. There’s a good reason for it … the actual quotes aren’t as damning as the author wants you to believe.

That’s called, “gaslighting.”

Next, the site breathlessly reported that the actress won’t be apologizing or backing down anytime soon. We went from “She persisted” to “shut up and/or apologize” at warp speed on the Left, no?

Next, Screen Rant went for the jugular … it’s time to shut her down.

Not only that, but some believe [emphasis added] Carano’s statements could have had the power to do actionable harm. The recent attempted coup in Washington, D.C. illustrates how online comments can encourage violent behavior. And by discouraging her followers from wearing masks, Carano could potentially put them at risk of contracting a life-threatening disease. Even her jokes about the trans community could be seen as promoting negative stereotypes about a minority group. Despite all of this, Carano has not apologized and is still part of the cast of The Mandalorian.

Nice little TV role you have there, Missy. Would be a shame if our cyber campaign made it come to a crashing halt.

Of course, if Carano shared progressive talking points on social media, even ones with violent rhetoric, Screen Rant would be standing down right now.

Like every other entertainment news site, Screen Rant lets the most unhinged celebrities slide when they share hate online. Quick, show us the Screen Rant editorial blasting Mark Hamill for attacking First Daughter Ivanka Trump and her family when she cursed out her clan for daring to heart “Star Wars.”

What about when geek god Joss Whedon weaponized cancer-stricken teens against Rep. Paul Ryan?

We’ll wait.

Stars have done, and said, far far worse and Screen Rant stands down like every other web site. And we all know why.

One of Screen Rant’s readers said the obvious in the comments section:

You are really desperate to cancel Gina Carano, aren´t you? Keep trying, and keep crying.

The sentiment is refreshing, but given how the Woke Mob runs both Hollywood and much of American culture, Carano’s days on “The Mandalorian” could soon be over.

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