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Baldwin’s Latest Digital Hate Fest Shows Big Tech Hypocrisy (Again)

The far-left actor can do what he pleases on Twitter without a single consequence

While conservatives across the country are booted from Twitter for ambiguous hate-speech policies — apparently the same rules are not in place for the rich, famous and liberal.

On Jan. 6, far-left actor Alec Baldwin advocated for a violent attack on an American with whom he disagrees.

Twitter has yet to suspend or delete Baldwin’s profile, let alone strike down the rancid Tweet. Of course, we know why this is the case. There’s one set of rules for those vile, racist conservatives, and another for the Leftist elites.

It’s one reason Hilaria Baldwin can spend years as the queen of cultural appropriation and the media essentially shrugged.

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For days now, Twitter has been purging Republicans accounts from its platform. While it was a sectarian mob who stormed the capitol — in un-American fashion — social media giants have used this event to further crackdown on free speech.

Meanwhile, the Left continues to preach on college campuses and beyond that speech equals violence. Thus, those on the Right can be flagged for sharing “hate speech.” But when a left-wing figure such as Baldwin literally demands violence — it’s all fine and well.

Why is this?

It’s important to consider what’s happening to Parler, a Twitter-like platform dedicated to free speech. As of Jan. 10, Apple pulled the free-speech Twitter alternative from its App Store shortly after Google did the same. Amazon stopped hosting the platform’s web server, claiming that there are many ‘incitements’ of violence.

Notwithstanding the fact that Baldwin and other liberals routinely call for actual violence on Republicans (lest we forget Kathy Griffin’s photograph of a severed President Trump) — where was Big Tech this summer?


While Antifa rioted month after month in major U.S. cities — and the Left either defended, ignored or cheered them on — Twitter couldn’t care less. It was all encouraged or accepted in the sanctified name of social justice. (My aunt’s store in Philadelphia got looted two nights in a row. She lost all her product, but at least it was for a noble and just cause).

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This is nothing new from Baldwin. It’s still appalling the degree to which our institutions have been corrupted by a sort of 21st century Cultural Revolution. By booting conservatives from Twitter, and shutting down Parler, where will those on the Right gather on the digital space?

If the Left truly seeks unity, such as President-elect Joe Biden requests, why are they putting a muzzle on roughly half the country’s mouths while letting liberals run wild?

Where is the unity, let alone consistency?

And why can unhinged celebrities like Baldwin virtue-signal about murdering those in the GOP — while those in the GOP, and conservatives everywhere, are led like sheep by the media elites?

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