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How Long Can Hollywood Ignore Whedon’s Hate?

When Michael Richards screamed the N-word at a black comedy club patron his career came screeching to a halt.

It never truly recovered.

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” Isaiah Washington’s career collapsed after he slammed a gay colleague as a “faggot” twice in public.

“After the incident at the Golden Globes, everything just fell apart,” he said. “I lost everything. I couldn’t afford to have an agent …I couldn’t afford to have a publicist …I couldn’t afford to continue.”

Mel Gibson’s well-publicized rant against Jews sent him into Hollywood purgatory. He only recently emerged with the Oscar-nominated “Hacksaw Ridge.”

What about Joss Whedon?

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The talented mind behind “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and two “Avengers” hits has been a one-stop hate machine since Election Day. While many stars have been venting on social media about President Donald Trump, he’s gone a few steps further.

  • Whedon Tweeted about wanting Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to get [expletive] by a rhino to death.
  • Whedon slammed Oscar winner Nicole Kidman for saying something gracious about the country’s new president by issuing a tweet that mocked her physical appearance.
  • The director compared Ivanka Trump to a breed of dog.
  • Whedon warned that, under the Trump administration, gay people would soon be rounded up and killed as is allegedly happening in Chechnya.

In a way, those hateful statements were the warm-up to this week’s main event. In a single Tweet Whedon not only mocked teen cancer patients he shamed their physical appearance.

Whedon turned the following Tweet from Speaker Ryan, featuring him talking to several young cancer survivors, into a ghastly joke.

Whedon’s take?

Tonight on White House wife hunt. Donny makes host P. Ryan give 2 more contestants the ‘Not a 10’ card — 4:50 pm April 27

Whedon left the Tweet up for several hours while shocked social media users, both liberal and conservative, blasted him.

The director eventually took the Tweet down and offered an apology that couldn’t be charitably be described as half-hearted.

Remember, this is the same celebrity who admitted to being “broken” following Trump’s election.

One reason Whedon may get away with all of this is simple. He’s not just a liberal but one who actively fights against the GOP. His “Save the Day” videos rallied stars to shove flailing candidate Hillary Clinton over the finish line last year.

The media also is playing its part to protect Whedon.


By ignoring or downplaying his most outrageous statements. Most entertainment outlets ignored Whedon’s unhinged comments about Ryan. They did the same with his Trump prediction. Today, those very same news sources haven’t written about Whedon’s odious Trump targeting cancer-stricken teens. Yet.

To be fair to, the organization had to save web space for this:

9 Best Beyonce-Ordering-Food-Off-a-Menu Memes (Photos)

Give a dollop of credit to Buzzfeed for being one of the only non-conservative sites to report on Whedon’s cruel cancer tweet.

It’s hard for Hollywood to work up anger against one of its own if it doesn’t know what’s happening in the first place.

The irony here is that Whedon considers himself as woke as any celebrity. And he’s in talks to direct a “Batgirl” movie. Will audiences who know about his misogynistic Tweets scramble to see a Whedon “Batgirl?” Can Social Justice Warrior swallow Whedon’s serial attacks on famous women in order to see one of the rare superhero movies featuring a female lead?

Or will movie studios look at his record of success, swallow hard, and hope his future Twitter outbursts don’t derail the project.

Stay tuned.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via / CC BY-SA


  1. Last fall, as Whedon’s wonderful sense of off beat and ironic humor was starting to be consumed in hate, I begged Hollywood to do an intervention. They did’t. I will always love his early work, particularly Firefly. but that Joss Whedon has been consumed by hatred and a complete intolerance for notions which he doesn’t find “shiny”.

  2. yet so called conservatives will go to movies, watch sports and entertainment on tv and continue to stuff money in his pockets and the pockets of those who seek to silence you

    stupid people feed the enemy

  3. “How Long Can Hollywood Ignore Joss Whedon’s Hate?”

    Is this a trick question?

    Until the sun burns out, would be my guess….

    1. His earlier movies were pure fun to watch. But lately he has exposed some uncomfortable truths about himself, and I am not sure he realizes what he is showing the world.

      1. Agreed. I loved The Avengers and still do, but it is tarnished by association now.

      2. Watch on TV, expend nothing to view, otherwise. Besides, since m]Marvel made Captain America a Nazi agent, to hell with it.

  4. I still love the Avengers, but otherwise, I’m comfortable hating Joss Whedon just as much as he hates me.

    Keeps me warm.

  5. Nothing will happen because Whedon is One Of Them and when you are One Of Them you are permitted to do whatever you want and say whatever you want.

    1. Yup, hate is only a thing if you think a baby starts at conception or think marriage is a man and a woman. The thing that will hurt him is if Batgirl stinks, like how Amy Schumer disgraced herself with that Netflix special. Someone tweeted Mattel if her holding a microphone as a marital aid was the sort of image they would want forever linked to the Barbie brand, and oddly enough, she had scheduling issues and withdrew from the Barbie film.

      1. Schumer totally ruined the review system of Netflix when reality of her stinking failure came to her attention.

    2. Under ordinary circumstances that is too true. But he attacked cancer kids and that is one of the Leftist causes, and that should buy him a heap of trouble.

      1. Cancer kids are NOT a leftist cause apart from when Trump impersonates what they decide is an unworthy victim.

  6. As to your last questions the answers are easy enough. No, no one will know, except for your readers, and then most of them well forget what this slime says. As for the left itself there is no sin supporting the party line so large it can’t be forgiven, ignored, or rationalized away.

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