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‘Buffy’ Creator Joss Whedon Wishes Death for President Trump

Joss Whedon’s legacy of Twitter hate has few peers.

The “Avengers” director admitted to being “broken” on the social media channel early in the Age of Trump. He’s predicted President Trump would round up and kill gay Americans. He later attempted to slime Rep. Paul Ryan by attacking cancer-stricken teens.

He even attacked President Ronald Reagan as a “vile f***.”

The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” auteur has quit Twitter between some of these hate blasts, all but admitting he can’t trust himself to oversee his own account.

And now this:

Here’s the text in case Whedon deletes the Tweet:

Donald trump is killing this country. Some of it quickly, some slowly, but he spoils and destroys everything he touches. He emboldens monsters, wielding guns, governmental power, or just smug doublespeak. Or Russia. My hate and sadness are exhausting. Die, Don. Just quietly die.

This kind of commentary is typically catnip to journalists, who see in Trump a clickbait headline in nearly every mention. Will they ignore this unexpurgated hate? Most Hollywood outlets do their darndest to avoid mentioning Whedon’s Twitter fury.

He’s a card-carrying liberal who fought for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election cycle. He assembled his “Avengers” teammates for the “Save the Day” video designed to drag Clinton over the finish line near Election Day.

It’s standard issue media bias for outlets to ignore juicy stories that put liberal stars in an uncomfortable position. This tweet may be heinous enough to cut through that bias.


Stay tuned.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via / CC BY-SA

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