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‘Guardians’ Director Plays Hitler Card 8 Times Vs. Trump

Director James Gunn ended 2017 by saying he didn’t care if insulting President Donald Trump might lose him fans.

“In my years on social networking I have never spoken out politically,” Gun tweeted. “But we’re in a national crisis with an incompetent President forging a full-blown attack on facts and journalism in the style of Hitler and Putin.”

The man behind the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise just doubled down on his vow. How? By joining the ranks of Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K. and Tom Green who previously compared Trump to Hitler.

Here’s the Tweet Gunn shared to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day Saturday. He followed it up with seven more messages hammering home the Trump/Hitler meme.

Note: He pinned the first Tweet in the series. That means anyone who visits his Twitter page will find that message at the top.

Here’s the first message in the thread, following by seven follow-up Tweets.

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Earlier this month, Gunn offered $100,000 to President Trump’s favorite charity if the world leader stepped on the scale … again. The admitted “girther” thinks Dr. Ronny Jackson lied about Trump’s real weight. Here’s CNN on Dr. Jackson:

He was tapped to be a physician for the White House during former President George W. Bush’s tenure in 2006, while Jackson was deployed in Iraq, according to his Navy biography … Barack Obama appointed Jackson as his own presidential physician, a role that has continued under Trump.

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  1. What is it they say about fascism? Oh yeah – always descending on the right but landing on the left. Gunn probably sleeps in his brown shirt every night!

  2. Oh, well…so long, “Guardians” movies. Why do these jerks go OUT OF THEIR WAY to throw away half of their audience?

    1. A question often asked, but never answered. I suppose they think they are saving the country, but from what? Trump is not and never has been Hitler. No one has been rounded up and sent to the gas chambers. These guys are just way over the top and don’t realize it. They are just going with the flow of the people they know. They think tjhey are leaders, but they really are the ultimate in lackey followers. They would all do well to read Eric Hoffer’s “True Believer”.

      1. I dunno, those mass torchlight marches down Pennsylvania Avenue are pretty hypnotic and I hear the death camp construction in on time and under budget.

  3. Trump was hardly my first pick, but hot damn, watching these Leftards go completely nuts is so much fun. If Trump runs in 2020, I’m going to work very hard for his election. The thought of these psychologically inferior humans having to face another four years of Trump would be so delicious.

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      1. Dude, Cap never carried guns after WW2, unless it was in the 1950s (never seen those issues), but we all know now that wasn’t the real Cap, was it? 🙂

  4. Yawn.
    First progressive hate-mongers tried to pin the accusation of rapist, groper, misogynist on Candidate Trump but that didn’t stick because Crooked’s husband is a bona fide serial rapist and the more they emphasized that, the more heat Crooked got.
    Besides, that “they let you” qualifier always made whatever Citizen Trump did many years ago consensual.
    That didn’t stick because, well, the facts and all.
    Then the hate-mongers tried to pin the epithets Hitler, Nazi, Fascist, etc. on President Trump.
    That didn’t stick because the AntiFa showed what real Nazis do, even if they attempted a diversionary re-branding and, well, the facts and all.
    Then they trotted out the Russia, Putin, Commie traitor meme.
    That didn’t stick because, well, the facts and all.
    Then they tried Crazy, Chaos, Mentally Ill.
    That didn’t last, because none of his actions are crazy, you know, facts and all.
    Now they are back to “Nazi”.
    How many minutes do you think that will last? Because, well, the facts and all.
    The death spasms of a dinosaur like the progressive party are always strong, but the end result is always certain.

      1. Just read that the progressive party is essentially bankrupt.
        Are you suggesting the Republicans will loan the progressive party money or something?

  5. What an historically illiterate nitwit. It was obviuosly an excellent policy the author had of not commenting politically previously. He should have stuck to that program and avoided beclowning himself in public. “I’m not saying Trump is Hitler, BUT…” I suppose if we go to point 5, we can say that Obama was “just like Hitler”. Dreams from my Father and “Change we can believe in”. What a buffoon.

    1. One of the most popular men on TV, Johnny Carson, made it a point to keep his political opinions to himself. Too bad Gunn couldn’t follow the example.

      And, yes, he is historically illiterate. Not to mention wrong on the facts, unless one counts telling the truth about radical Islam is “demonizing” them.

  6. Wanna see a real Nazi, Gunn? Look in a mirror! Wanna see what a Nazi city looks like? Check out Hollywood!

  7. Damn.
    Mr. Gunn knows movies.
    But Gunn does not know history; nor does he appreciate his movie fans.

    Scratch another ticket buying fan.

    Make this your conservative pledge:
    Resist decadent Hollywood.
    Pirate movies on-line for free.
    And enjoy a sometime guilty pleasure – and then be smug by not paying for it.

  8. On police brutality: “They bring a knife; we bring a gun”; “Get into their faces”; “Punch back twice as hard”

    On Congress ceding power to the Executive: “I have a phone and a pen”; “I’ll have more flexibility after the election”

    On exploiting youth at rallies: “Trayvon Martin could have been my son”

    Was James Gunn at all concerned about these statements?

  9. Hearing a dog whistle that isn’t being blown….by Trump, that is.

    But Team Louie is wailing away on that thing.

  10. Sweet Ecstacy of St. Teresa, if Trump were even 1/4 as bad as Gunn claims he is, Li’l Jimmie would be already reduced to directing Louisiana labor camp productions of “My Fair Lady.”

  11. Trump is an evil dictator who is creating jobs!
    He is creating a dictator state by tearing up miles of government red tape!!
    He cut out taxes!!!!!!

  12. It is stale intellectual laziness to compare Trump to Hitler. I’m not particularly fond of him, but to take his boorish personality and equate it to rounding up humans into gas chambers is so absurd that everything that comes after must be dismissed as equally farcical.

  13. Because they cannot understand the arguments of the other side in the debate, these people assume their political opponents are evil. When the other side wins, they then infer that evil is winning and this is what it felt like when _______ (fill in the blank with the most evil thing you know about). They don’t actually illustrate their statements by citing actual policies or actions that are Hitlerian, and they can’t quite figure out why 65 million or so Americans voted for him. These poor sops think they are being virtuous when they are actually revealing themselves to be staggeringly ignorant, pompous, and venal.

  14. Well, we can expect the next Jame Gunn movie to suck.
    And he can expect to lose audience.
    Regular as clockwork: get woke, go broke.

  15. This movie person missed it when Obama was hugging Farakkhan, was having advising sessions with Rev Al Sharpton, and sat in a racist church for years overflowing with Jew hatred.

    Progs are so dense, it’s amazing, can’t see who they are for the world. No wonder movies suck so bad anymore, they are written by idiots.

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