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Jackson’s Vile Attack on Justice Thomas Confirms Liberal Privilege

'Avenger's star joins Snoop Dogg in demeaning black conservatives

Many Twitter users press the “publish” button knowing their thoughts could get them kicked off the platform.

Or worse.

Just Google the names “Roseanne Barr” and “Justine Sacco” for Exhibits A and B.

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Liberal celebrities don’t have that fear. They can say almost anything on the social media platform knowing they’ll skirt its rules of conduct. Their Hollywood bosses won’t hold them accountable, either.

The catch? They target conservatives with their bile.

Ellen Barkin wished death on President Donald Trump without a whiff of punishment, and she’s not alone. Bette Midler cheered violence against a GOP senator, repeatedly, and faced no blowback from Twitter or her Hollywood employers.

Samuel L. Jackson is the latest example of this liberal privilege.

The celebrated “Avengers” star slammed Justice Clarence Thomas over the weekend for helping overturn Roe v. Wade.

The Tweet is vicious on two fronts. It hearkens back to the “Uncle Thomas” slur that haunts black Americans to this day. The term, inspired by Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” describes blacks who betray their own people and interests.

The bestseller was meant to rally the moral sentiments of whites against the horrors of slavery, and it succeeded. But the character of “Uncle Tom” has become synonymous with servility and self-hatred.

Jackson’s duplicitous character in “Django Unchained” echoed those themes.

For some progressives, any black American who leans to the Right betrays his or her own people. They’re not allowed to disagree with the Democratic platform. Larry Elder made “Uncle Tom” about this toxic trend, and he’s planning a sequel to be released soon.

Uncle Tom - Official Trailer

The “Hitman’s Bodyguard” star also suggested Thomas would overturn “Loving v. Virginia” which allowed interracial marriage. Thomas is married to Ginni Thomas, who is white.

That two-pronged attack would merit serious repercussions had the parties been reversed. As is, Jackson’s Tweet earned modest coverage with zero outrage from mainstream journalists.

Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican, felt differently.

Jackson’s racially charged attack on a black conservative is hardly new.

Two years ago, rapper/actor Snoop Dogg attacked black conservatives as “coons” via an Instagram post. The message featured photographs of Candace Owens, Herman Cain and more.

Once again, zero outrage from the media, the NAACP or other outlets which normally would be livid at a racially-charged attack on black Americans. The post came during the George Floyd protest frenzy, a time when progressives demanded police reform and removed sitcom episodes with blackface moments.

The rapper’s post got ignored by this community.

Liberal privilege is very real, and its existence proves the woke “outrage” we often see in the cultural is performative at best.


  1. Did you survey black people to draw any conclusions about this? What are their opinions about Thomas? Telling people that they should be outraged at the people who actual have the guts to stand up and call out the bully in the class? That’s some BS

    1. Here’s your polling of us. Clarence Thomas is a disgrace to the seat that he fills, which was left over from the great Thurgood Marshall. Do you not find it strange that he wants to revisit all previous rulings involving progress in this nation, except the one which allowed his interracial marriage? Clearly he is not ruling from the bench based on the Constitutionality of the law, but instead from his own personal application of what he believes in.

  2. Samuel L. Jackson has demonstrated time and time again his hate against those who disagree with him. If it were not for his ability to use profanity with such vigor he wouldn’t have a job acting

  3. Snoop Dog. Now there’s a wellspring of articulate wisdom. And Jackson is the same loudmouth clown in all his movies. I can understand why Laurence Fishburne gets perturbed being mistaken for him.

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